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The Sopranos – Card Games

Don Junior
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Compilation of various card game scenes.

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  1. It was early in the show when paulie played cards, and it was out of charecter for johnny sack to talk about what everyone had

  2. Who did the doctor say was fighting that night ??

  3. I love this character-setting-focused videos. I'd love a Feech La Manna one… granted it'll be a short one, I guess.

  4. I could watch these guys play cards all day.

  5. "Im trying to be cooperative, but it's the same message over and over." …. Felt that my black brother in psychosis.

  6. One guy writes for Dylan McDermott, one guy writes for Nicholson’s girlfriend. And this guy’s in the middle like, ‘Whadya want from me?’

  7. Lol so much talk about the hands in multiway pots. I know they are gangsters but still, bad etiquette…

  8. Listen Don Junior is the new boss and he's not respecting Borko's old arrangements

  9. Hey Richie…. did the card game even exist?

  10. They always said Don Junior was nothing more than a glorified Adam Chewey

  11. The bet value $800. Goodfellas reference.

  12. Gambling is a metaphor for the way they play THEIR game. In both games the stakes can and often as far as your life, bankruptcy/unemployment ..etc . And everyone is out breaking the rules they pretend to follow.

  13. You threw a sandwich at Vito … that has to be resolved 😂

  14. "But that pretty little trim could NOT suck that pipe anytime she wanted…"

  15. I love the condescending look Tony shoots to that new blackjack dealer as they leave the table.a real fuck you look.

  16. Juniors Nursing home card game had to be the FUNNIEST scene.

  17. Don Junior uploads are like shpackle on my bowels

  18. "Paulie has nothing as usual" shows him the double bird….love Johnny Sack

  19. I'm little bloated from thanksgiving-Vito
    Yeah, thaksgiving 1982-Eugene
    Underrated joke

  20. Missed the card game in Tony’s dream from season 2.

  21. Holy shit JT was in 60,000. God damn. That’s worse than Davey, and he lost his kids car, college fund, entire business, and got a divorce.

  22. Marlo Stanfield wanted in on these card games.

  23. Vito versus Sil at the table, that I would LOVE to see XD

  24. Mikey palmice and Richie Aprile are masters of playing the most hated guy in the scene roles

  25. Sunshine was such a pain kinda glad he got whacked 🤣🤣

  26. 1:13 that dude wins the award for nastiest sounding cough on the whole show

  27. Good to see mikey palmice, and some of Juniors old crew.

  28. LOL the mental patient at 26:40 " You know i try to be cooperative but its that same message over and over !!

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