The Sopranos - Feech La Manna's Card Game -

The Sopranos – Feech La Manna’s Card Game

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Feech hosts a card game.


  1. That animal blundetto. I can’t even say his name.

  2. Lawrence Taylor just chilling and playing cards with the mob guys xD

  3. Imagine this. It's your card game. Some rookies barge in and rob it. You go to the can and return 15 years later. You get to organise a card game again. One of those rookies comes in. He's the boss now.

  4. White bucks were my favorite characters of the series. Wish Mr Chase would casted them more.

  5. Now, Jeramy Silverman is a character I am glad had no recurring role!!!

  6. how annoying is that narcissistic little shrew, that doctor

  7. Feech was such an annoying character. I watch him die over and over again in Scarface for pleasure.

  8. I love how there’s a black guy and Vito there and that old dude still made the “if it was blacks or gays” remark lol

  9. Call him frank.. All his friends call him frank… LMAO.. Feech.. Stupid name.. Right up there with skutt farquss

  10. One thing I learned from this show is that most gangsters are over 30 years old and they still act like little boys in Jr. High school while demanding they be treated like adults.

  11. They needed to amend the rules: we'll take care of your family in you go in the can, you'll always be a part of us but you can never ever be allowed back in business. When did it ever work out well?

  12. LT is a natural at everything ! not his first or last time sitting at the tables id bet.

  13. Tony's not good enough to get an invite to a Jews wedding? The arrogance of these people is unbelievable

  14. My conspiracy theory is that Feech was supposed to play the role as season 6 antagonist that Phil ended up with, but since the actor was struggling with his lines due to alzheimer, the Feech character was retired early.

  15. Tony broke the same rules he killed people for

  16. I think it's great the put a lil scarface in the show.. maybe some Pacino woulda been nice too…

  17. Paulie: "I didn't get my invitation either. How much more betrayal can I take?!"

  18. Tony giving LT his props is so fucken cool . . .

  19. I can’t tell what he said with the volume right now but did Silvio reference Thalidomide lol?

  20. I know Feech wishes Tony stayed his fat ass home lol.

  21. Don't forget Feech don't get high on your own Supply. Never underestimate another man's greed. After all you're a pig that doesn't fly straight

  22. There should be a spin-off with Feech´s impermeable stories

  23. Say what you want about Tony as a leader. He definitely had his missteps. But as far as commanding presence with sheer charisma and charm there's really none that do it better in the moment than him. He had all the instincts of a fuckin' Roman commander but in the end he was undone by his own inner turmoil. RIP Gandolfini. Magnificent performance.

  24. LawrenceTaylor Gamblin' All That 'Any Given Sunday' Money Away! 😜

  25. Why didn't I get an invitation?

    Because you're a sociopath

  26. Feech has the makings of a varsity storyteller

  27. Just realized the Feech is Frank from Scarface.

  28. Tony: Hello
    Everyone: Hahaha that was good ton…

  29. 2:24 notice how after Kris Kringle says "black couple" the camera turns to the one black man at the table. Just another example of David Chase's brilliance. HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS

  30. I don't trust that Dr. He might fold under questioning.

  31. So does anyone know what happened to the stewardess with toejam?

  32. i didn't get my invitation!! that awkward silence is deafening!

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