The Sopranos - Jackie Jr. robs card game -

The Sopranos – Jackie Jr. robs card game

Drew Brown
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Trying to be noticed, Jackie Jr. and others rob Eugene’s card game


  1. They messed up on the language here. When Furio said 'Marone', he should have said 'Madone'. 'Marone is the Italian American way of saying Madonna but he is supposed to be from Italy

  2. jackie jr's gang makes the guys in reservoir dogs look like die hard villains

  3. "Let's do it before the crank wears off."  
    -The Light Brigade probably.

  4. I like how they shoot a guy in the middle of the street without caring about legal ripercussion

  5. Feel bad for the dealer, almost feel bad for Frankie’s friend

  6. 2:48 I love the way that guy said that it’s hilarious 😅😂

  7. Tony at the Bing: You bottomed out.

    Jacky: Hold my fawthuh.

  8. Poor Jackie…he didn’t even wanna rob the card game. He was at a bachelor party and got dragged here!

  9. Sunshine: Victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan.
    Jackie Jr: Hey, speaking of fathers…

  10. Furio protecting the highest ranked guy in the room

  11. Matush really screwed them over by bailing at the first sound of gunfire haha.

  12. What's with Chris and his headshots? Dude point fires a handgun and gets 2 for 2 headshots.

  13. By all means, Sunshine didnt deserve to die, and it is unforgivable…. I still give him stupidity award for talking too much

  14. Robbing a card game with both Furio and Christopher there is the stupidest thing they could do.

  15. You can hear Furio yelling in Italian from the car at 3:16 😂

  16. It was actually a relief to see Sunshine getting killed. He did pretty much everything he could to end up this way.

  17. Jackie j.r needed to do this. Out of respect for his fawtha

  18. Chris taking the extra shots is the coolest shot of the series.

  19. So glad they shot the old man with all them dumbazz quotes….Best part of the whole scene

  20. Well that didn't go quite as planned. LOL!

  21. Goodness, Sunshine deserved to be shut up.

  22. Sunshine got the fate deserved by every Youtube user who goes around political videos posting annoying quotes all the time thinking theyre being all profound and thought provoking 😂👍

  23. Sunshine: You know the ole adage son leave em while you’re looking good.
    Chris: just give it to him borko

  24. I’ll never understand shooting sunshine. Under no circumstances should they have fired at all, much less killed the dealer.

  25. How dare Matush sully the fine vehicle of mobsters, gangsters, drug dealers, bank robbers and politicians around the world.
    The Toyota Rav4…a spectacularly wonderful…piece of trash.

  26. he should of shut the F' up…3 guns is not enough for him to pipe down

  27. It makes me mad they killed Sunshine. I liked that dude.

  28. I still don’t know why fans act as like Furio was the ultimate badass. He didn’t kill a single person in the show. The one scene they could’ve showed off how badass he was all he did was get shot and Christopher is the one who was the badass. Did one scene where he just punched a bunch of women (which I liked) really fool the fans that much?

  29. ty for this. now im gonna watch sopranos again

  30. It's interesting to me Chris has two modes, 1 is when he's popping off and screwing up, and 2 is when he's calm and collected like this, usually whenever someone else is doing something stupid.

  31. Ngl the old guy giving motivational speeches needed to shut up 😅

  32. He Survived The Shooting…..Went Into Witness Protection…….Then Changed His Name To Jake Jagielski And Moved To A Small Town Called Tree Hill, North Carolina….Knocked Up A Crazy Older Women And Had A Daughter Named Jenny And Played High School Basketball For The Tree Hill Ravens……Then After His Crazy Baby Mamma Came Back For Custody He Kidnapped His Daughter To Keep Her Away From His Crazy BM…….

  33. Sunshine was one of my favorites. Wish they did more with him.

  34. Don't bring driver license, don't bring wallet

  35. Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day, you guinea fucks

  36. Hamas: "Lets do it before da crank wears off…"

  37. Furio shot dangerously close to his junk. Marrrrrrone!

  38. Lets do it before the soft drinks of choice benefit expires

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