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The State of Card Games

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  1. Recommending Marvel Snap as a good to get into game, and not heavy on micro transaction feels like a lie that is one of the most p2w games out there. These other card games i would recommend far before snap. My personal three would be slay the spire, HS and yugioh master duel.

  2. YU-GI-OH! Master Duel is not complicated. in fact if you seek guides for it as a new player you can easily find them. BTW, unlike most of card games this game allows you to stay with 1 deck relevant to the game, unlike other games encourage you to spend time and resources on endless persecution for newer cards. in other words, you can stay relevant for long, and even master your deck very well, not even to mention you can build up to 35 different decks right there (but for that you need more and more resources to create them, but it is your choice only if to invest in few decks or in large amount of different decks). telling that as Master Duel player who plays Salamangreat deck and the other is Adventure Virtual World deck.

  3. As a guy most likely to play Slay The Spire, then Master Duel and Legends of Runeterra, then Dawncaster…
    I feel kinda skipped.
    Also RIP Duel of Champions.

  4. Isn’t Marvel snap one of the more egregious games for predatory monetization?

    It feels really great until you get to pool 3

  5. State of card games: no Yu-Gi-Oh, MTG, or Pokemon TCG, the big 3.

  6. I was hoping shadowverse, lor and vanguard

  7. Too poor to release my game, too worried It'll fail and I'll feel like a scammer. Lmao

  8. Having played yugioh for literally my entire life i too think it would be best to ship us off to mars.
    Also shout out cultist simulator, defo my favorite single player card game.

  9. Just dismissing Yugioh is a full on retard move

  10. I'm not sure why many content creators just simply ignored Legends of Runeterra. Are they getting paid by sponsors? Anyway, from a CCG player perspective that have played Heartstone, Marvel Snap and a little of YuGiOh, LoR is 100% worth playing.

  11. The fact that he is talking about the cards games and don't mention Legends Of Runeterra just show how this guy didn't make a decent research before making this video

  12. bro yu gi oh is the most played tcg JAJAJA

  13. You didnt even include any of the top card games. Magic, yugioh, pokemon, one piece, digimon, etc

  14. Depite forgetting LoR you also forgot about Inscryption. That one is even better.

  15. Marvel snap is genuinely one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Basic ass cards (the ones I had access to) and the random modifiers were un-fun and way too impactful.

  16. As a Master Duel player, we'd absolutely all end up killing each other before our new society was even built

  17. one word LoR aka Legends of Runeterra , you are welcome

  18. LoR is by far the best card game I've played. Weird you didn't mention it 😮

  19. Talks about yugioh for 5 seconds and acts like its a joke, doesnt mention legends of runeterra at all

  20. this came into my feed, not sure how we can talk about the state of card games when its very apparent you've played like 2 of these lol… and then didnt include runeterra somehow

  21. No legends of runeterra mention, sadge

  22. You guys need to check out DC's Dual Force, not as big as marvel's snap, but it's pretty cool and has some interesting features

  23. What is the premise of this video? I get that all of these are card games, but for the most part, most people that focus on pvp based card games dont cross over to single player ones (at least for long).
    The LOR point has been beaten to death already.

  24. Nothing touches Gwent! The best by a mile would still be an understatement

  25. No Legends of Runaterra, LoR or Shadowverse

  26. Ok, this is coming from someone who has lived his life playing tcg/dcg. This is just a bad opinion. Opinions are completely fine. However, it doesn't mean you aint gonna get clapped for how bad it is. U clearly don't card game enough to even speak on the matter. Dont get me wrong. There is truth to the tank in game quality, but the big DCGS are doing just fine. Well, except hearthstone, but thts been trash for awhile and tbh if tht was to complex for u, you have slim to no vpchance in anyother card game. In fact, im pretty sure that ur vampire deck is an EDH deck, and u whine when someone uses a real deck. I could be wrong, and thts kool but bro. I've looked at ur content. Either go deep into tcg/dcg or stick to shitty EA games that are somehow more random and some of the WORST micro transactions in all of the video game industry. Oh, and before i finish dis rant, claiming magic is complex and difficult is like saying Dr. Seuss is hard to read. I will always respect the legacy of magic, but it's literally the worst tcg/dcg tht exist in the market. Im not even gonna cover the fact u missed LOR, so plenty of others already have.

  27. It may seem goofy saying that, but I am just really surprised how people have no shame of complaining about complexity. Card games are complex and you can go for the ones that are more casual like Marvel Snap, just beats me to understand how can so much people find it so hard to read a card text lol. Also for god sake why is it so hard to watch a 25 minutes tutorial? People literaly stay hours and hours on social media and youtube seeing useless content, but can't pass through some small walls like a tutorial or the first boring episodes of a good tv show, its like we are aways on a hurry to have more time to be lazy and useless on instagram and so on…
    Sorry for the rate man, but really bad video and atitude, for me at least… hope you dont take it in a bad way and think a little bit about it tough, you have a big audience after all.


  28. I lost it to the master duel bit 🤣. Yeah Master Duel is way too complicated and very intimidating and confusing for a newcomer, but once you get into it and understand the game enough to start comboing, countering your opponent's plays with ridiculous strategies, and sending your opponents to the shadow realm by using cute cat looking cards (Purrely) it's a lot of fun xD. Music is top tier in that game, I don't think I ever come across a card game with a better soundtrack than master duel (maybe duel links, but that is also yugioh so it doesn't count)

  29. Gwent is way more complex then Heartstone and fucking Snap.

    Furthermore, it IS THE MOST COMPETETIVE CARD GAME at the time. I played MTG IRL for 7 years now, mostly competetive (Modern/Pauper). And still, I was stunned by how deep and complex Geent mechanics are and how zyr well-suited for tornaments and ranked.

    From the video I see, that u only slightly touched this game, and thats a shame to not to play the game properly and make conclusions about its nature.

    Also, HS never was a competitive game. Even if we toss away argument about “random”. The decks themselves always were braindead. In aggro mirror or even in Control warrior mirror i can kick ass to any “pro” with 50/50 chance.

  30. I missed the heroes of might and magic cardgame, and hex shards of fate

  31. 5:15 consider psychiatric help if you actually believe this

  32. I think marvel snap really sucks and has sucked since it came out. Its boring, it looks boring, the gameplay is braindead and the 6 turn game is boring af. No brain needed,

  33. No paper games?
    Flesh and Blood is a stellar game

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