The Titans Are Here - Horus Heresy Card Game -

The Titans Are Here – Horus Heresy Card Game

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This video is brought to you by Horus Heresy Legions.

Build and command your very own Titan in the next major content expansion for The Horus Heresy: Legions, Titandeath, available now! Become a Princeps of the Loyalist Legios, take your God-Machine into the battlefield and grind your foes beneath your tread. More expansion content is coming soon, take a look as the release blog post to learn all about the expansion:

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  1. Have you spent any time with WarpForge yet? Its remarkable

  2. I don't understand! There IS NO TITAN BUILDER! o.O WTF?!

  3. It Does NOT Matter If We Are Defeated Today ! I say the same thing when completing dailies on a certain digital card game…Lol Thanks for the Content !

  4. Please playmore of this game Pleasantkenobi. It looks like a fun game!

  5. this is a nice game, wish more big content creators would shine a light on it, how often do you play? (saying this as a person with around 2100 pts on ladder)

  6. The Titan is strong, but how can he hold vs whole Caliban army?

  7. I haven't played this game in a bit, but this game is super fun. The economy is pretty good, but the most annoying thing is that you cannot craft any card you want. There is a list of cards you can craft that changes every day.

  8. Hearthstone is no longer as dominant a king of digital card games so it makes me wonder if Warpforge has an opportunity to become pretty big. I feel like one of the things that held Legions back is lack of visual polish, hearthstone is just on another level compared to pretty much every other digital cardgame. When I watched the Warpforge trailer it made me hopeful they were aware of that as it did look more polished, the cards actually look thick and weighty, the background is aesthetically pleasing, the card stands and decks were in the right perspective, and the over all look felt better. Feel is a lot of what kept hearthstone so satisfying, and made you want to own the cards and card backs.

  9. That caliban Jaegar deck seems strong as hell. I'm digging how they handled Titans, interesting way to handle a concept in a card game

  10. Ah!!!! If you're playing Imma add you. I own 90% of all the cards. Challenge me if you ever get a super strong deck.

  11. If anyone is more curious, I like to call this game the Street Fighter of card games. You get to choose 100+ different warlords (characters) each with unique abilities from different legions (armies) and pummel the hell out of each other. The games are short too with the longest being at least 20 minutes long for a match which happens rarely. There's a lot of good YouTubers that cover this game that show off competitive decks.

  12. Astelan is 100% one of the Fallen in contemporary 40K, yes: he is in fact the specific member of the Fallen being interrogated throughout the, at this point, nearly 20-year-old novel Angels of Darkness (first published in 2003), that changed the paradigm on how people perceived the relationship between the Dark Angels and the Fallen, and the role the primarchs played in the collapse of the Great Crusade, and whether the Lion was even a loyalist during the Heresy (a question they only soundly and conclusively answered much more recently).

    When they started actually writing books about the Heresy his role was solidified as one of the 3 main instigators of the rebellion on Caliban (the other 2 being Luthor and the (new) Lord Cypher).

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