The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Shop Experience -

The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Shop Experience

Team APS
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A nervous Yu-Gi-Oh player visits his local card shop for the first time and gets more than he bargained for. After deciding he wants to try a new card game, the Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Cardfight Vanguard players are more than happy to help.

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  1. This video is suuuper funny haha 😀 But also scary how accurate it is…

  2. 3rd channel Team APS BTS (Behind The Scenes) 😗

    Like all the failed takes/ attempts and what not? Unedited footage?

  3. Trells face when he lays that emergency teleport down 🤣

  4. I could see my life flash before my eyes when the pokemon guy showed up.

  5. I should revamp my deck to unban 'Pot of Greed' back to 3

  6. Come and play buddyfight we can use a revival

  7. Looked like a Twilight Zone style horror.

    Also,nice frame for Ant-man vol 1 #1 movie variant

  8. Full-time job + fixed income = does not compute 😆

  9. Watching your teams growth had been a pleasure and an honor. I don't play Yu-Gi-Oh anymore with all the new changes the game changes so often but your content always makes me happy I appreciate y'all!

  10. Try Digimon! We have draw on evolution! 😀

  11. Trell getting in close after taking the binder was crazy intimidating. He let his inner boss show

  12. Trells face when he played E Tele 🤣🤣🤣 that is how I felt when I played a kid at locals playing Ice Barriers. Poor kid didn't win a single round all day.

  13. The second I saw the e-tele I was like "oh god… Not punk… Anything but punk…"

  14. Hey trell what’s the card that unbans Maxx C? I wonder if there’s a card in that archetype that unbans pot of greed…

  15. Dude we’re zombies lol come play new format lol 😆

  16. I can see Alex’s dread after 2:32+ applying to those who got into chess after ‘The queen’s gambit’ and being overwhelmed by the subculture around it

  17. Fun fact Alex got scammed by trell in this as the value of the 4 cards we saw combined was more than 150 dollars

  18. 1st it is "I can't play other games, i have a full time job and a fix income"
    then it will be "I can't play games, i have a full time job and a fix income"

    I missed the days hanging out at cardshop

  19. Hi can make a video or tutorial of this fun deck that was used in the video I really wanna try it 😊🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. Don’t know why but this happened to me when I played in a yugioh tournament for the first time lmaoXD

  21. Come play magic the Gathering. We have Commander.
    That's so true xD

  22. Great skit, watching all the vids i missed now that school is out.

  23. If you see someone with a copy of baronne just scoop it up bro they too invested 😬 if you beat them you won't walk way from the duel

  24. And it unbans Maxx c??? Vine boom sound effect

  25. This was like how it was playing 40k for the first time at a game store lmao

  26. New Dude:I have a nostalgic deck…. Me:Cool cool me to…. picking my Turbo Infinity…..

  27. I like to try new games.
    I just don't like Wizard Coast Mana.

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