The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Shop Experience -

The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Shop Experience

Team APS
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A nervous Yu-Gi-Oh player visits his local card shop for the first time and gets more than he bargained for. After deciding he wants to try a new card game, the Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Cardfight Vanguard players are more than happy to help.

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  1. Everyone should know that all these card games post MTG are rip offs of MTG.

  2. Where can I get plastic to cover up my mats when dueling?

  3. You guys should make a deck around crab turtle

  4. Wait, vanguard has physical cards? Lol I've never seen one in my whole life

  5. Hey there! I have a question I hope you can answer. I have an Abare Ushioni that I opened like 10 years ago I think, and I just noticed that the effect text has a LOT of bad typos. If I tried to sell it, given it has some really unusual typos for an official card, do you believe it would be worth anything? Any help is appreciated!

  6. "We have commander!"
    holding Force of Will

  7. This was really good, you guys always lighten the mood…poor Alex just wanted some fun…there is no fun in Yu-Gi-oh, only the shadow realm

  8. Are you guys going to collab with a magic player soon to take another jab at the looking at magic cards video or maybe trying arena yourselves? I'm loving all the crossover TCG content on youtube as a former longtime yugioh player who quit for Magic around 2014/15.

  9. Yall are fire actors thank you for such a good production smiles all around!

  10. Nice job not getting the Ollie's sign in the shot, there. Hahah!!

    Edit: THAT FREAKIN SWORD!!! BAHAHAHAHAH!!! Omg, dude!! Freakin brilliant!!

  11. Got a fun challenge video idea involving nordics. Summon one of the Nordic monsters but they also must succeed in using the Nordic serpent and Nordic wolf combo

  12. Trell is a villain!
    The 1st part was scary 😆.

  13. As someone who recently tried a new card shop this really hit home. It was mtg based but it still wasn't great. Stuff like Trells deck is why I quit the game after 8 years

  14. Cartoon Warrior of New Vegas and Equestria says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see him actually pay for that binder…

  15. My fun deck is an actual fun deck. Mokey mokey. I get schooled most of the time, but those very very tiny wins make it worth it.

  16. I love the "we have commander" bit haha because it's so true.

    I've been into Yugioh since LOB came out and it was my favorite thing ever. I lived for "playground yugioh" as it was later known as. Janky inconsistent piles and your deck was whatever you pulled out of a booster pack. To me, that was and forever will be peak Yugioh.

    I left the game for basically all of GX and when I returned, I was trying to play Yugioh how I always had but the game had evolved past that, even on a super casual level.

    Then I got into Magic and commander format (casual commander at least) scratched that playground Yugioh itch and to this day its basically all I play.

  17. This actually just happened to me. Went to the shop for a Digimon tournament, walked out with a booster box of Opus XVII and the Cecil & Golbez Starter Set for the Final Fantasy TCG. But I pulled a full art Exdeath so that was pretty cool!

  18. Was hoping if you could pretty please talk about Force of Will? We definitely could use more hype for the game. Would be greatly appreciated 🙏

  19. Yu-Gi-Oh Gamer يوغي يو قيمر says:

    Why does that look like me when I entered my game shop for the first time?

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