There Are Too Many Card Games In 2023 -

There Are Too Many Card Games In 2023

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Going into 2023, it’s becoming very apparent that this is going to be the most over saturated the TCG market has ever been.

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  1. Literally got an ad for BSS when DF talked about the game lmao

  2. Disney entering the TCG market is concerning… seeing as they ruin everything they touch…

  3. Honestly, pretty safe to ignore anything from Bandai unless you like getting scalped or constantly dealing with lack of stock. Most of these games only exist in english in name for a large section of the US as distributors and stores don't view them as games to support but a thing to build hype around so they can jump up the price and dump it all.

  4. One thing I like that you said in this video was that buishroad have to try harder not just for the community, but for the trading card game market as a whole

  5. I don't think the TCG market can handle as many games as the OCG market. The infrastructure isn't there for these games unlike Japan. I think this is a trend, it caps out, TCG market crashes, a ton of games die that were healthy before the boom.

    I think the games that make digital simulatiors or don't shut down fan projects are the one's that end up living. Not becaus the paper games will die but that digital ways to play are increasingly a tool TCG players need to truly lab decks. Games like digimon TCG really taking a big risk by stopping fans from doing work for free for them.

  6. I mostly play Standard right now because Dear Days but V was probably my most played on CFA since before DD I didn't really get how S worked. I also think having multiple formats can both be a good thing and a bad thing since it's good for established players to take a break from a format they don't like and try another but it can also be complicated for newer players to understand the differences plus it's probably unlikely but it would really suck to be like "Standards awesome I get to use my DD deck irl" and then everyone at your local(assuming you even have one) plays V. Personally I've always been a huge nerd and just absorb information about everything but if you've got a life it's probably pretty hard to find the time for that plus there's money and time involved which just makes it complicated

  7. Bandai and bushiroad have always been interesting to me, I was a vanguard player but last year moved to digimon just cuz I’m a huge fan, and it’s really interesting to see Bandai churn out all these card games like bushiroad does, but I do worry about if they’re just pushing these out to test the waters and then they’re gonna drop any that don’t do well in a couple years

  8. And still coming. I have created the most awesome unique gameplay for a tcg now working on the cards and artwork isn't bad either. Hopefully gonna enlist on kickstarter by the end of the year.

  9. I blame MetaZoo and Flesh and Blood. They proved that there's room for new upstarts. Newer manufacturing and streamlined art processing has also made the barrier of entry lower. The end result is we're getting an absurd boom of TCGs. If this is the like early 2000s boom, we'll see many of them die within 2 to 6 years.

    Also, in regards to Disney, they have dipped their toes in collectibles constantly. It's not that surprising. Mobile Games' gotcha systems are in the same realm as a TCG booster pack – and Disney LOVES their mobile game revenue.

  10. I for one am happy to be spoiled for choice. Last year I played Flesh and Blood, this year I'm playing One Piece. Good times.

  11. I agree as well. There's so many different tcgs popping up here and there while the ones that were there before are also still going on. A good thing is that this will definitely grow the general tcg community! Also, I wonder if anyone's heard of a certain tcg called force of will?

  12. I play 3 of them and gonna try to get into battle spirits saga

  13. All I want is for WotC to bring Duel Masters back to the west. Not a Kaijudo reboot, Duel Masters itself.

  14. I think if any of these games want to succeed, they have to break into mass consumer accessibility. By that, I mean they need to be nearly as accessible as Pokemon, Magic, and Yugioh are in the States. Otherwise they are going to be fighting too hard amongst the few people who have a true interest in competitve card games. Otherwise, I think the main motivator will be prize pools.

  15. Honestly I felt that hard this year when I starting vanguard I dropped digimon and mtg a little but honestly I think vanguard has been growing well in my area the only problem with vanguard IS THE PULL RATES other then that I think vanguard will grow pretty well this year and honestly I can see digimon dropping off just from how every set theirs new power creep

  16. I wish we had actors/singers sponsoring TCGs

  17. Imho a lot of them are going to die because of oversaturation, at least the english-language ones. Japan is basically another planet in one country regarding tcg. Now, WHO'S going to die? No idea. Except the Big 3, I feel like everyone could make it but at the same time nobody's safe. I hope Vanguard and Digimon don't get the axe eventually (now both feel pretty healthy, but, you know, force of will also used to be…).

  18. I stick with just one card game , Yugioh.
    For collecting cards , I collect Yugioh, Digimon , and pretty much any anime card game whatever .
    Just for collecting and looking at in my hands .

  19. I'm happy to see the tcg scene take off but the unfortunate truth is the bubble will pop and we the players will be left with a graveyard of dead card games. The games that survive will be the new tcg scene. Even the big 3 isn't safe.

  20. flesh and blood is starting to break into japan and i would highly recomend trying it

  21. Shadowverse is the best new card game out there!
    But what is shadowverse “evolve” is it a retcon like duel links for new players?

  22. DF: Vanguard is gonna have to fight a little harder. More marketing, more getting people into the game…

    And the big one: Less Bushiroad shooting themselves in the foot. Repeatedly.

  23. The Digimon TCG has been the new all-star for me, really impressed me as a YuGiOh player and I've become an avid player of the game

  24. I have no hope for BSS because is a bandai game. Bandai tends to ruin there games with copius amounts of powercreep.

  25. Man. I started playing Duel Masters in Europe back in 2005. The game wasn't particularly successful over here, but I loved it and hosted a few tournaments here and there. I then went on to host the community for Kaijudo TCG when that "reboot" of Duel Masters was released, but since it was NA only, it wasn't particularly accessible. The fact that Kaijudo died saddens me a lot, especially knowing Duel Masters is somehow still thriving in Japan. Still think it's the best game out there, but I do play other games as well and love playing new stuff.

    I am really excited about the market becoming this big, because I will get to experience many variations of my favorite type of games. If this keeps up, then maybe there will be hope for average sized games such as Kaijudo to actually thrive one day (one can only hope).

    Great content, as always. Keep up the good work!

  26. This reminds me of the late 90s early 2000 era when everyone was trying to cash in on card games due to the success of the Pokémon TCG. It was a bubble and the high-quality games survived.

    I feel like we're in a new bubble, but this time we have a lot of high-quality games to play with their uniqueness and styles. As you mentioned, these companies are fighting for our money and free time, but have to take careful steps to not stop out of favor with their audience. The bubble will pop eventually.

  27. Well competition is good sometimes but saving money on the side to invest in multiple games or pick a game or two also being a judge for multiple games will be painful trying to keep up with everything

  28. Didn’t monkey fight tcg make a video like this a month ago?

  29. Twitch streamers are playing Master Duel. Kinda brought back the ygo hype to new players.

  30. I just hope there will be a local shadowverse evolve or battle spirits saga scene near me because I plan to go in on Battle spirits

  31. I feel like BSS has a good chance to flop in the US. There was initial interest in the game but once they spoiled the entire first set it seemed like all interest in the game dried up. Nothing in the first set in english is exciting, its very safe and basic which I feel like is going to hurt the game immensely. Non of my local shops are ordering the game that I am aware of.

  32. pre covid I played yugioh, during I picked up EDH as well as vanguard Zero. Current day. I have a meta yugioh deck, edison format deck, trying to bring speed duels to my locals, a few EDH decks, we have a growing pokemon tcg community at my locals. I have 1 friend who plays vanguard with me starter decks no modifications for now, One Piece is a game I'm about to pick up. and my locals is preparing for 3 new tcgs coming out this year. I love that my locals has communities and interest for each card game

  33. is there allready gameplay for the disney Lorcana cause you said its a copy of another card game

  34. you also missed grand archive as a great new TCG

  35. I really wish Monster Rancher got another shot at a tcg. I remember playing the ps1 game as a kid but never got a chance to collect any of the cards.

  36. What about new types of playing cards with new types of games that ARE NOT collector cards, but just for playing and maybe betting games…. Are there many of those?

  37. Keep an eye out for Grand Archive! Gonna be awesome when it drops April 28th

  38. Tell me about it! Worse, for a lot of these card games, retailers have to preorder from 3 to 9 months in advance. For example, we had to preorder the second set for One Piece months before the PreRelease for the first set. It's impossible to know how well a game will succeed, or will still be popular almost a year in advance.

    The Disney TCG Lorcana is only available from one distributor in the United States.

    I really wish Zenonzard had become a physical TCG, it really had a lot of potential, and could have completed with Magic the Gathering in scope.

  39. This is the main reason. People are so brainwashed into gambling and needing to “find” or “pull” these rare chase cards and then hopefully grade them into a profit, that TCG are no longer trading card games, CCG is no longer collectible card games… they are now MMGCG (Make Money Gambling Card Games). Example: Dragon Ball Super and Final Fantasy TCGs. Both were decent games to play and had their normal, C/UC/R/SR categories. Now each game has about 8++ rarity categories… basically just making it so people spend tons of money just to find one or two cards they most likely will not get. This is the exact definition of gambling, just legally and secretively, especially predatory on the youth. I’m selling off all my collections of cards and never returning. Board games here we go, real fun and no gambling. GG

  40. Original Battle Spirits deserves more popularity in Western Countries tbh. Game is balanced in 2023, more complicated for advanced players, lots of new machanics to explore like Contract Spirits and Grandwalker Nexus. Also it is a rather cheap game like you can aquire a Meta deck for like 50 AUD unlike YGO or PTCG

  41. Man i wish duel masger was still a thing in america i loved thag game

  42. The independent card creator community, also has gotten a lot of attention and many fresh ideas too.
    (Chaos Galaxy) is one of the best indie card games, that has come out in the past 5 years.

  43. wait does this guy think Lorcana comes directly from Disney?

  44. Great video, but look no further Grand Archive is one of the most highly anticipated TCG out now with true potential for longevity and depth, compared to all other games mentioned here..

  45. This video has aged like wine. Now almost every tcg has a problem. MTG is laying off people, YuGiOh has a problem with oversupply, no one wants MetaZoo, Battlespirits Saga didn't work out with tournaments.

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