These Are the Most Popular Planeswalkers in Commander! -

These Are the Most Popular Planeswalkers in Commander!

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These are the three most popular planeswalkers that people run in their commander decks. These three cards are in the most decks, and for a good reason. I break down all three, what they do, and why they see so much play compared to most other planeswalkers. Do you run any of these? Indulge in hours of entertainment with selection of rpgs for sega genesis games online.

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  1. I hit my friends with narset during our lunch break at work. Needless to say, i offered that we start a new game since we were pressed for time.

  2. Wait you mean when I drew 500k cards on turn 4 I coulda waited a turn and won the game

  3. I don't think Jace was used for the +1 or -8… I think it was just a Thassas replacement.

  4. its a crime you didnt show Locus god with Jace wielder of mysteries. LG is just a bug farmer and jace helps out with getting more farming done

  5. As someone whos semi new to magic, is there a reason that theres like 11 versions of Jace? Genuinely why do they make so many multiple versions of the same planeswalkers? Liliana also has like 8 different cards, is there a reason we cant just have new planeswalkers? Do people like these characters a lot for some reason?

  6. I cracked Jace and Lilianna in packs recently, and both went straight into my Varina deck

  7. Respectfully – bs
    New Tamiyo (4 mana if I remember correctly) is SOOOOOOO played, that it’s not even funny
    She crashed the format upon release

  8. Why they all draw cards thats not the only way to play Commander not to mention there are much more cars that are much more powerful than those

  9. big note war of the spark had good planeswalkers
    :0 wow!

  10. Liliana’s +1 is surprisingly brutal in my experience.

  11. Its ironic that all these first premiered in the same set, and it was the set that introduced the most planeswalkers.

  12. Narset is a cedh staple. Its disgusting with Wheel of Fortune and the like

  13. My friend hates when I ult with Liliana dreadhorde general by using elder spell and popping all his Chandras

  14. Dack fayden is a great choice for someone elses sol ring

  15. Not gonna lie I thought Garruk Wildspeaker was going to make this but guess his time has passed 🫡

  16. Sorin Markov -3 is a straight up recurring joke in my playgroup. The "You're tapped out? Remember that board wipe where you gained 60 health? 10 is 10.

  17. Thought Quintorious Kand would at least make a showing, shame it's all War of the Spark (And largely Blue too)

  18. Ashoik is also pretty brutal. It might see less play because it is toxic.

    (Team Oppo Agent and Hullbreacher)

  19. No Teferi, Time Raveler? I find it unlikely it didn't make the top 3.

  20. Funny how I use the 3 of them in my muldrotha deck

  21. All of them from war of the spark. Suprise to see no teferi time raveler

  22. I run Jace in my Unesh Sphinx Tribal deck, and I have never used either of his abilities.

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