They Made This Adventure Time Card Game REAL? (Card Wars) -

They Made This Adventure Time Card Game REAL? (Card Wars)

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Adventure Time Cards Were NOT What I Expected ►

In season 4 of Adventure Time, Finn & Jake played this fantastical card game called Card Wars! And apparently, it ACTUALLY EXISTS! They really did that. Looking for a gaming experience that combines speed, strategy, and mayhem? Smash Karts has it all! Discover the world of intense kart racing.

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  1. adventure time never left for me, I watched it casually & was there for the finally but had no idea what happened so i rewatched the show when I got HBO max, & by the time I finished, BMO was already out

  2. This game was so much fun on mobile, I would spend hours playing

  3. The Toilet of Doom is someone just ate a peculiar burrito and just dumped an entire Mushroom Bomb in the toilet


  5. God, I remember this game. Funnest card game from childhood that I spent too much of my parents' money on 😅

  6. I played the physical card wars game with my family and a few friends when I watched the show on release. I had two sets that each had two decks, based on a character and what deck they would've had, as well as one expansion. It was fun to play yet convoluted, which was fitting I guess. The raincorn deck I think i played most. Which is why the characters are not on cards- these are decks they use instead. Also there was fans making cards and rules before the official ones that I tried and gave up on before the official release.

  7. I remember owning a card wars set that was playable with the corn and plains sides. I didnt know they made booster packs for it though, i thought it was just a one and done bit of merch.

  8. I just pledged to the current card wars 10 year anniversary kickstarter!!!! Definitely check it out if anyone is interested. It's reached over 600k!

  9. I original mobile app still my favorite it not work anymore but when it did it was super fun

  10. Ive always been a big fan of the show and this card game. I actually own (almost) every card they made. Ive also made a google sheet that has all of the cards, no pictures sadly! But has all of the costs and abilities listed. I hope with all the new adventure time stuff coming out and the 10th anniversary fundraiser I hope they get enough support to create new decks and cards! Maybe a Marshall Lee deck

  11. I miss the cardwars and cardwars kingdom app, never played the irl game

  12. BRO Why did I Read Cryptozoic as Crypto-ZOINKS

  13. I used to play card wars kingdom all the time on my ipad, I felt really sad when it shut down I really hope they decide to bring the game back some day

  14. i really want them to be back and i wanna collect the cards so bad

  15. "2014"
    "almost a decade old."

  16. I really hope they bring back the app version of card wars. It was one of my favorite games when I was younger.

  17. Ayee
    Just got here cause I love your energy and can't wait to try this game

  18. Ngl I saw this episode before learning how to play magic the gathering and it actually really helped

  19. There is a vídeo game of the EP, just for everybody to know

  20. Now all I want is the Craig of the creek card game

  21. I used to play the game back on the app. It was so fun back in the day, the default deck was Jake’s corn deck so I always used a swamp deck that specifically countered corn cards

  22. Ayyy shoutout to eye guy the og Ben 10 alien lmao

  23. How tf did this guy got sponsored by card wars in a card wars video

  24. I actually bought 2 physical decks and have never used them HOWEVER it is actually not that bad of a card game. Just… the app should not be this monetized.

  25. Expected game review which kinda cool, but it's about real CARDS. LAAAAME~

  26. that wasnt the only episode based around card wars!

  27. This game is one of rhe forgotten card games from years ago. Does anyone remember the minecraft card gmae?

  28. When I saw the Golden Jackal card only one thing slipped my brain ,,Didn't I do it for you?'' lol

  29. And they removed the mobile game rip 🙁

  30. Maybe you could build decks like the show

  31. The kickstarter is ending in 4 days everyone! Get all those exclusives while you still can 😎. They're so close to 1m

  32. i was the sand and grass field type of guy. Increase defense and attack. It use to murder

  33. Well god damn, I'll tell the lot of you, since you have a few hours left to join the kickstarter: If you are looking for a fun MtG lite game to play with your (maybe non-nerd) partner, friends or family, PLEASE GET THIS GAME. We randomly bought this game a couple of years ago and we have played it again and again and again, eventually ending up sourcing all the out of print releases for it. Don't miss out!

  34. i remember playing a deck of corn and desert it was my favorites deck

  35. I was born on 2010 so when card wars was just released so at that time i didn't really think card wars was any good so i didn't play it but when i was growing up i realised i messed up not playing card wars when it was released so i truly regret that i didn't play card wars so i want card wars to come back and truly play it for the first time i hope they bring back the mobile game to redeem my self

  36. I wish that they also gonna bring back the card wars mobile game

  37. Diamond Dan? Hmmmmm I wonder if that's a reference to a youtuber that almost all of us used to watch

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