Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards -

Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards

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Playing cards are so common today that we take them for granted. But, have you ever really looked closely at them or wondered what they could mean?Like, who is that suave King that doesn’t have a moustache? Here are 10 Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards.
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  1. Why is the number 1 missing from each suit? I always wondered that…..

  2. 义乌众乐扑克有限公司Yiwu Kasino Playing Cards Co.,Ltd says:

    Very good explanation

  3. King of hearts isn't stabbing himself…he's drawing his sword. King of hearts is the same as the other kings (place them together and you'll see age progression)….only he's the king as a prince. In medieval times, A prince could not become King unless he seen battle….well they could, but the people wouldn't get behind. Unlike today, where your president won't send his own prince to war, but send your first born to die

  4. "10 things you didn't know if you have never ever read anything about cards before"

  5. At 9:04 … "manufactured their cards for some notorious purposes" …like helping prisoners escape???? How is that notorious??????

  6. The Joker could well be a descendant of The Fool – a card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

  7. You forgot to mention the Spanish Deck one of the biggest Deck of the world in history. With 40 cards. Currently this Deck is used along many countries, South America, Spain, Portugal, south of France, Philipines, and North Africa. Cheers!

  8. Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 328 says:

    The Bicycle Cards has a portrait of Fairies riding in bicycles and wing mermaids

  9. Soooo where are these facts ???? Because I see none in my vision atm. :/

  10. Why would you even propose the question of why doesn't the king of hearts have a moustache, only to reveal that you actually don't have a clue, and then just speculate about it. Ridiculous.

  11. The King of hearts being clean shaven with the sword behind his head was new to me, very interesting. Time to dig deeper!

  12. The sum of the card values from 1-13, four times, plus the two 1s for the jokers, doesn't equal 365; it's equal to 366. Without the jokers, the sum is 364. So what was the 365 value representing the number of days in a year all about?

  13. You know who's the real trump card? Yeah, you know it. Donald J. Trump, our 45th U.S. President!

  14. The call trumps is still in use in germany and austria, in german "Trumph"

  15. I'm trying to create a character with the ability to summon soldiers from playing cards. This was useful. Thanks

  16. Wen you reziled that you have so much time on your hands to the point were you are search up card's to entertain your self

  17. No moustache = under 40 yrs old

    Cups Hearts SPRING / Diamonds Coins SUMMER / Clubs Wands AUTUMN / Spades Swords WINTER

  18. There's actually a theory that the standard deck of cards was originally made as a way to have a conversation without talking. According to the theory, the king represents Satan and the joker represents Jesus Christ. I'm not entirely convinced but it's still an interesting theory.

  19. The King of Hearts is the only king without a mustache.

  20. 6:31 but you made a whole point about hearts mustache or lack of one

  21. That guy seems to LOUDLY YELL "amazing" in the intro, so it should be the whole word uppercase and and with three exclamation marks or so.

  22. Your profile picture is related to this emoji: 🤯 or 😮

  23. The King of Diamonds is the 2nd Suicide King, because his ax is facing him!

  24. Most of the history on where they came from and that France created The Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades was new info to me. The cards forming a map was a surprise to me also. I knew about The King Of Hearts. Thumbs up for this video.

  25. Kimberly I Sue Potter Bushong Jackson says:

    Much love, Kimmyssong

  26. My favorite suit is Spades.
    My least favorite is Hearts.
    Fight me.
    (To be fair though, I say the mystical stuff is a load of shit.)

  27. I don't know it may be wrong but if you keep queen of hearts and king of hearts it looks like she is trying to kill him

  28. The one where the king of hearts stabed himself in the head

  29. 4:19
    Ah yes, King Knight from hit game series Shovel Knight.
    The LAST thing that comes to mind when I think of royalty.

  30. That one about the cards containing a map really surprised me! Which one surprised you?

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