THIS DECK IS INSANE! Beelzemon X Antibody Deck Profile & Combo Guide | Digimon Card Game BT12 Format -

THIS DECK IS INSANE! Beelzemon X Antibody Deck Profile & Combo Guide | Digimon Card Game BT12 Format

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#Beelzemon X Antibody is here and it is one of the most hyped decks of BT12 which I am very excited to cover! This deck is now at its maximum full power and is here to dominate the meta! I will also show you guys the new way to play this deck and how to pull off some epic OTK combos!

Watch the beginner’s guide and budget version of the Beelzemon deck here!

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The all new Beelzemon Deck is here! This brand new Beelzemon Deck Profile features the Digimon Beelzemon X Antibody Deck which came out in BT12. This is both the Beelzemon Deck ST14 and Beelzemon Deck BT12! The Beelzemon Deck Profile ST14 has many core cards you need and along with the Digimon Beelzemon X Antibody TCG, you can now build one of the strongest and best Digimon Beelzemon X Antibody Deck Profile! The Beelzemon Deck Post ST14 includes Digimon Beelzemon X Antibody as the Beelzemon Starter Deck Upgrade and Beelzemon Starter Deck Profile Upgrade from my older video! This Beelzemon Deck List has
Beelzemon X Deck which trashes your opponents security. Beelzemon X Deck Profile also has severyal new X Antibody support cards for Impmon and Wizardmon as well to be added. The Beelzemon Advanced Deck is reccomended to get started and if you are ready to take it to the next level to turn it into the Digimon Beelzemon X Deck with Beelzemon Advanced Deck Upgrade, then be sure to watch this Beelzemon X Deck List video.
Digimon Beelzemon X Antibody BT12 will be the tier 1 deck of the format!
Beelzemon Advanced Deck List will also include the combos and how to play with the Beelzemon Advanced Starter Deck and Digimon ST14 Upgrade.

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  1. Hey guys! For those who are looking for alternative budget options instead of playing the EX2 Beelzemon, be sure to watch the additional card section after the deck profile as those could be great alternatives! Another suggestion is to bump up the rarios of other cards in the deck such as the BT2 Impmon, Ai and Mako, Blast Mode, and Mist Memory Boost! Hope this helps!

  2. OMG! I was NOT expecting this! I thought this would be the last deck you would do, but no, you released it 1 day before release!

  3. I would like to see your take on srrresterdramon

  4. Absolutely the worst kind of deck. It needs to get hit hard.

  5. Hey AVAULT how ya been sir? Hope your weeks been good

  6. If you get a chance can you do a chaosdramon x antibody deck

  7. oof this was sub par. A great first attempt but this list needs some tinkering.

  8. I’m excited the new deck profiles are coming I can’t wait for Imperialdramon

  9. I wanna see a deck profile for wargreymon and red hybrid

  10. What do you think of the pagumon promo from security?

  11. Ex02 beelze is so expensive! Wish I could play the deck without it at all!

  12. I use pagumon as egg since I'm trying to mill 5 cards turn 2, I've managed to mill 14 cards turn 2, digivolve into impmon and hard play the second, 2nd turn swung 1 and milled 5 hitting 2 of the impmon that let me mill 3 and then swung with my other impmon which died and milled another 3

  13. Does seventh full cluster stack like if i have 4 in grave and summon x beelzemon do i put 4 back in deck and destroy 4?

  14. Thanks for videos like this. Seeing what's got players excited and for what reasons helps me understand the game better.

  15. I know it's not a meta deck, but can you maybe try putting together a MegaGargomon deck?

  16. What do you think of the security impmon promo? is it worth running in any build of the deck?

  17. What would a budget alternative be dor Beelzemon EX2? Card is too expensive dor me atm 🙁

  18. You’re the only Digimon content creator that explains the decks so well and also has a section to show combos. Most other content creators just explain the deck as if you already know everything about the game so it’s hard to follow. Yours are awesome. I just picked up a box of xross time and the beelzemon advanced deck. Looking to take this to my first locals night soon. 😊

  19. Great video as always, your breakdowns for the combos help so much. Hopefully i pull all i need from the 1 box i bought.

  20. How do you feel about darkness wave in the deck over mist memory? Its really good for filling up your trash early and if you get some memory gain off it you can get a lot of milling done quick for very little memory

  21. What’s your opinion on the beelzemon x that won Japan nationals?

  22. Will You be making new imperial deck profile soon please? 😂

  23. Since You Love so Much Imperialdramon I Thought that it would be the first you would do 😮 how come and you did Belzeemon first ? 😮

  24. I think the balmon X with X antibody is a good tech, I was playing last night and dropped the balmon to fetch x anti put it under balmon swung drop the beezle x and trash last 3 in security and finish the game with no security left myself its a beast combo.

  25. 1 tech option I'm adding to my version is DeathXmon I know it's an expensive card but it's just in case I'm up against decks that have a full field and I won't be able to end the game in time

  26. Great video! Helped me a lot to figure out this new beelzemon x combo. Are you planning on doing any videos on bt12 Imperialdramon & blackwargrey x ? Thanks so much for the content

  27. Could i use of 3 or 4 advance deck beelzemon and 2 blast mode i dont ex 2 yet

  28. What about BT8 skullsatamon and soulmon? Do they no longer fit in the deck?

  29. I still like running at least 1 memory setting ai and mako cuz in my area people are super toxic unless they brick you'll never see more than 1 memory

  30. how to play this in ultimate cup, cause de ex2 impmon at 1 copy

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