This is Why I’m the Best in the World at Card Magic. Period. #magician #magic #shorts -

This is Why I’m the Best in the World at Card Magic. Period. #magician #magic #shorts

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  1. Do it twice in one video to prove its skill and not just luck

  2. Can't believe we get to watch this shit for free!!!

  3. Incredible seeing what years of endless dedication to your craft can produce. Bravo

  4. It's not card magic … when it's card skill! You simply just caught the card you wanted to catch. So easy, so simple, no magic 😅😅

  5. i still don't know how to catch a single card out of the waterfall like that

  6. Yeah, of course you were thinking of Jack Diamonds… hey move the watch. DAMNIT… ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD OF EVERYONE!! Love your content!

  7. I thought that would be a magicians joke😂 damn got me.

    Edit: what book can i learn the essentials of ur tricks. Vol1.vol2…?

  8. You are awesome man , I'm just speechless. You know what's the most important thing about you aside from your card expertise, it's that you are a real showman

  9. You should've showed the deck didn't contain another Jack of diamonds 😌

  10. If you have a minute, a lot of us want to know if he paid km rrr

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    'My friend'… In my opinion, you are 'easily' in the Top Ten most impressive and watchable TikTok channels
    You are playing on God Level FFS!
    Hooow do you do it ?!? 😯😯😯
    There is a story to be told there
    Please tell me that I'll find out, after I've read both books…

  12. Why nobody understand that Jason can catch whatever cards he wants using the waterfall trick

  13. Wow 🎉..!… Bloody hell, mate..! Very VERY well done 😮😊😂…

  14. I may be their Jason. Ny July 13? Ok my boy. These idiots just don't realize how practice makes perfect.

  15. And he probably “thought” of sticking to his words and pay 😁 what’s the ratio? How many actually pay?

  16. Finally I thought this was one I could do…until you moved the stopwatch 😂

  17. Just out of curiosity could another person do the waterfall and you grab the card out?

  18. "hahaha checkmate id*ot!!!!!!! Beware what you bet hahahahah" (moves the watch) "oh…. he actually did do the thing…"

  19. I bet it took you a millions takes to get it right!!! Haha😂

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