This New Card Game is Taking Over My Life -

This New Card Game is Taking Over My Life

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Snnuy finally plays the incredible new Poker Roguelike Deckbuilder Balatro. Legends of Runeterra will have to wait because this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

00:00 Intro
01:03 How to Play
02:30 Balatro

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  1. Oh geeze the last domino falls.

  2. Playing this game non stop. Here are a few tips if you need it 🙂

    1. Fire in the score means you got the target score with the hand you played
    2. Try to get interest asap for late game scaling
    3. You should have a basic set of jokers for a successful run, which consist of a money joker, a flat mult joker (eg. +30 mult), a mult joker (eg. X2 mult), a base chip joker and a scaling joker (+10chips/+1mult every time you meet a condition – for late game)
    4. Try getting as much vouchers as you can, these are generally busted
    5. Every run is different depending on what you get presented, for example "only one suit", "tarot" or "planet" run, etc. Try out different strategies!

    Looking forward to more videos!

  3. I need this game on Android so I can play at job….it consumes my soul

  4. For anyone reading this, you should look up what a Dutch backyard looks like. Makes the intro even funnier.

  5. Hey! I recommend watching Balatro University's videos—one just came out that covers beginning strategies and tips.

    There are also videos that go in-depth on every single deck and how to play it.

  6. I can't wait for him to see the big boy numbers

  7. I haven't understood a second, but i'm in love with this design

  8. I thought this was the other sunny's video for a sec

  9. Exploring the far reaches of my backyard 🤣 nice vid!

  10. Snnuy, can you make a review on what you think about marvel snap? Have you being able to try it?

  11. Lets go, my favourite Elusive abuser is now posting variety games

  12. I watched a streamer called woohoojin play this game for 24 hours, and somehow me being a first time viewer watched it all the way.

  13. Honestly, if you wanna play more balatro, I would really enjoy it! I would really like to see more balatro!

  14. All I will say is the highest hand I got was 669,201,374 so take that as you will

  15. 24:51 is very sad, because that joker gets around the Needle. But also that’s weird specific knowledge.

  16. I started playing Lorcana after LoR died. Pretty fun.

  17. Honestly, I'd love seeing more of our in the channel

  18. Oh holy hell, seeing him sell burglar before the needle hurt so much hagagagahagahag 😭😭

  19. 1:46 , man says "heres how you play" and immediately gets info wrong 😂, default hand is 8 cards, not 9. I imaginehad the +1 hand voucher.

  20. Backyard wasn’t lore accurate, no rain.

  21. i didn't understand wtf was happening….

  22. hi snnuy, have you tried Magic:The Gathering Arena? I want to know your thoughts about the game

  23. I feel like there were several straights in that last run that Snnuy just totally missed, usually involving Face cards. I might be missing something though.

  24. after playing so much of this game, I feels wrong without 4x speed

  25. This seems cool, I'll have to take a look at it. Thanks Sunny!

  26. You could try playing Ruff Ghanor, a card game in the style of Slay the Spyre, with a good story and a good level of difficulty and strategy, it would be cool for a live or two

  27. Anyone else have problems running this game on the steam deck? Mine doesn't work at all and all I have is my steam deck. I'm getting desperate, all I can find are how good it runs while my deck can't play it for 3 minutes without crashing.

  28. inscryption is a classic must try if u are trying new card games

  29. "it s sooo much more then that", no man, it s just poker with a few new rules and more rng, lmao

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