Thor vs. Klaw- Marvel Champions the Card Game -

Thor vs. Klaw- Marvel Champions the Card Game

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Playing Marvel Champions LCG as Thor in Aggression against Klaw.

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  1. @10:50 Don’t you still have to discard a card at random because radioactive man initiated attack on you, and you means the player? The attack initiates against you regardless of who defends, so having ironheart block should still make you discard a card?

  2. I love watching these!!! Plus I just recently got Thor so I’m interested in this play thru.Also, I had to read the rules to figure out what is what. So many cards and saying so many things and didn’t understand how hero or villain decks are put together. You probably have a video and I just 💯 missed it.Love your channel man!!!

  3. Great video. I'm recently trying to defeat Klaw using Wolverine, I have tried 3 times with no success because I was multi tasking as taking threats away and dealing damage. Only to realize I can just focus on damage as fast as possible

  4. Did you have any rhyme or reason behind your sleeve colors?Or that’s what just what you had around?? I haven’t sleeved this game yet but can’t decide how I want to either

  5. So when you deck out, do you put a acceleration token on the main scheme as well as dealing you a encounter card? Have only done the latter

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