Three GREAT new card games! -

Three GREAT new card games!

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The title says it all! We have been loving card games lately and continue to find quirky new games so we thought we’d share some with you this week. Are card games hitting your table more too?

Sky Towers
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Confusing Lands
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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Sky Towers
06:37 Fairy
11:24 Confusing lands
15:56 Which of these games is for you?
18:44 Ranking & scores
20:53 Wrap up

Thanks for stopping by! We’re Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We’re an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game – Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the ‘world’ that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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  1. I'd love to try Fairy as a warm-up with my students!Sky Towers seems like the kind of game I would play with friends or at family gatherings with my cousins; it reminds me of when we'd sit around playing 31 with a deck of cards

  2. Fairies is on my Gen Con list this year. I hope to cross paths with you two in Indy!

  3. Ordered Sky Towers (and a few other things from their website) – looks like a fun game!

  4. Love to hear about the variety of card games. Such fun

  5. I recall checking out the print 'n play version of Sky Towers when Charles Ward was perfecting it years and years ago. I'm so glad it finally became a published game!

  6. I would have fun with all of these! Fairy would do great on family gatherings and birthdays for me. I could get into Confusing Lands solo, I enjoy games like Grove and Sprawlopolis and this feels similar. But just like Maggie I'm not very good at them because I like to see how far I can push my luck drawing the right cards with this kind of game lol.

    Thanks for doing a video on smaller games! They usually get lower ranking on things like bgg cause they're not that deep, but they can still be a ton of fun.

  7. I covered Sky Towers when it was a print & play, and am looking forward to getting Confused Lands already, so I had to check out this 3rd game.

  8. Oooo, I would love if Allplay makes a whole line of games in this cute box size. Tiny games are the best!

  9. Fairy looks wonderful, and the art is 👌🏻 Can’t wait to check out this whole affordable series of games by allplay. 😁

  10. Thank you so much. What a fantastic review! You didn't miss anything… except the solo rules on BGG, but that is not in the box. To celebrate how much you like it, first time customers can get 30% off the game from the publisher's website.

  11. would love if it you told where these games could be bought.

  12. I absolutely LOVE small box/card games. Would love to see more recommendations like this. 🥰

  13. We discovered all these Japanese darling card games as well and are obsessed! Thank you for covering more card games!

  14. Saludos desde Perú vine para ver el juego sky towers

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