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Tiktok Domino Card Tricks / Domino Card Game Compilation #shorts

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wow Amazing Video et’s say goodbye to 2020 once and for all by smashing it to pieces with a baseball bat! 💥 Share this video with a friend who can’t wait for this year to be over!

Special thanks to Sony for lending me three Sony RX100 V’s to film the super slow motion!
top domino 14-k (the domino king) :

I also want to thank @jackofallspades98, @Abovesummit (), Peter Tsai, my dad, and my friend Chino for their support and for helping me film this project at @somervillestudios!

3,000 dominoes were used in each wall (yes, I built it twice!) In total, this project took 3 days to build, and 10 seconds to topple.

Domino glass Effect Chain Reaction (Amazing Color)

DOMINO Card Run Race ASMR & card super star photo ANDY LUO SUPER-HERO-BOWL! – TOON SANDWICH

DOMINOES EVERYWHERE!​ amazing card 2021


dominoes everywhere$$oddly satisfying dominoes.mp4

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  4. Is this and old school toy…it seems very familiar? Whatever the case, it’s pretty neat for a kid!

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