Top 10 Addictive Board/Card Games - Chairman of the Board -

Top 10 Addictive Board/Card Games – Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about the ten games that make me want to play again and again.

scroll down to see my list;

10 Love Letter
9 Patchwork
8 Splendor
7 Fantasy Realms
6 6 Nimmt
5 One Night Ultimate Werewolf
4 Magic Maze
3 The Mind
2 NMBR 9
1 That’s Pretty Clever


  1. Dominion and Race for the Galaxy are the two kings of great quick addictive games, shocked neither is here. Werewolf is a good pick – Spyfall belongs here as a party game too. Lost cities and the crew would also be great contenders.

  2. Very good list. In my humble opinion I would add Jaipur, Hanamikoji, Lost Cities and more recently Ohanami.

  3. These are all great games I have most of them and they have all gotten lots of play. I nominate truffle shuffle and mandala for 2 players

  4. Try magic Maze on Mars , way beyond MM….
    And Splendor is not addictive, just boring.

  5. Fantasy Realms is pretty addictive, that's right.

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