Top 10 Addictive Board/Card Games - Chairman of the Board -

Top 10 Addictive Board/Card Games – Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about the ten games that make me want to play again and again.

scroll down to see my list;

10 Love Letter
9 Patchwork
8 Splendor
7 Fantasy Realms
6 6 Nimmt
5 One Night Ultimate Werewolf
4 Magic Maze
3 The Mind
2 NMBR 9
1 That’s Pretty Clever


  1. Very good list. In my humble opinion I would add Jaipur, Hanamikoji, Lost Cities and more recently Ohanami.

  2. Dominion and Race for the Galaxy are the two kings of great quick addictive games, shocked neither is here. Werewolf is a good pick – Spyfall belongs here as a party game too. Lost cities and the crew would also be great contenders.

  3. These are all great games I have most of them and they have all gotten lots of play. I nominate truffle shuffle and mandala for 2 players

  4. Try magic Maze on Mars , way beyond MM….
    And Splendor is not addictive, just boring.

  5. Fantasy Realms is pretty addictive, that's right.

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