Top 10 Best Card Games on Android - iOS 2021 | CCG | TCG -

Top 10 Best Card Games on Android – iOS 2021 | CCG | TCG

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Ranking the top 10 best card games on Android & iOS, these include CCG and TCG so sit back, relax and enjoy! Don’t forget to leave a like 🙂

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  1. Why people not liking bro this is a materpiece🙂👍

  2. Try Warbands Bushidothat's much better is old nice to play you try that

  3. Shadowverse, Eternal and in april will ad from PC game KARDS, thats my favorite.

  4. Eternal card game Is not here. O.o

  5. Runeterra is dying so quickly that it is a pity, in the beginning there were 50k people watching each ad, now the tournaments on the official YouTube channel barely have 500 live viewers. I think his worst mistake was taking so much from Magic.

  6. 2:05 why didn't you include MAGIC THE GATHERING : ARENA????? it's the real game but played digital

  7. Gwent for me is certainly one of the worst games on the list. The game seems to have no rules to follow, and the cards seem to have one new skill at a time. For example, do you remember the anime Yu Gi Oh? So, there was the "heart of the cards", right? In Gwent it's like that, you play a card and your opponent (regardless of who he is) will always have a card that counteracts exactly what you did in the game. It's like his deck has the famous heart of the cards

    Apart from that, the game is totally complicated to understand what each card skill does, it seems not to follow a logic but rather random things.

    One of the worst card games I have ever played, without a doubt

  8. Elder Scrolls Legends development was discontinued last year.

  9. LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA is the best card game out there and is growing will be more successful after a year or so

  10. I used to play LoR for about 2 months last year, it was a good free to play until some changes ruined the fun. Now I stick with gwent because I love witcher saga but gwent having trouble with meta issues right now, and also CDPR is having rough year. So the work on balances and everything kinda slow. Hope they will be okay with all troubles they have this year including the cyber attack.

  11. If you're F2P , I definitely recommend GWENT. I was able to build many Top meta decks as a F2P

  12. #1 ygopro
    -all cards no pay 2 win
    -no fkn energy/Mana every draw counts no wait to summon

  13. There was a game called Deadman's cross by square enix and that was just awesome! I had the best time ever playing that game. You could trade cards ingame also

  14. Gwent number 1… you have my like! 🙂

  15. Where is Horus heresy legions? The best TCG for me

  16. duel links is friendly to f2p player???
    Largest joke I've heard in 2021

  17. If anyone wanna try somthing creepy, complicated and deep card game, try cutlist simulator.

  18. Single player campaign that costs money? Why bother putting it in then?

  19. You forgot shadowverse. I can't believe you forgot shadowverse…

  20. I found a lot of me memes in animation throwdown

  21. I would add Mythgard CCG in this list, available at PC (Browser or Steam) and mobile, I like Mythguard more than LOR.

  22. Definitely recommend Runeterra at this point of time. The new Shurima expansion just hyped up the game once more, and bring tons of mechanics to the game. Plus, the Labs are consistently updated to let players experience new ways to play. Don’t forget to mention the implemented tournament system, as pro players can join and battle for the cash grab, and game rewards, directly IN THE GAME CLIENT.
    Oh yeah, and a F2P CCG with a non-overwhelming experience for newcomers as well :))

  23. #1 Animation Throwdown. Gwent shouldn't even be on the list. I found the mechanics boring. I played all of these except cats. Also checkout rogue adventure.

  24. Why most of card games made in the west are rip offs of magic the gathering?

  25. Gwent is best, it is best of graphic , most difficult to play and have so many player just lose hearthstone

  26. Heart stone is a freaking pay 2 win game

  27. That pokemon game is not on andriod.

  28. exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  29. before all u needed was adventure time card wars r.i.p. that game ;-;

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