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Top 10 Card Games

The Board Meeting
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Today, our top 10 list revolves around my top 10 favorite card games. Tell me below what some of your favorites are!
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  1. I have introduced “Ohanami” to several persons and they all enjoyed it.

  2. The Crew is a game I still need to play. My wife is not much for trick taking games, and I don’t want to play it at just two anyway. I mentioned Coup and Arboretum to you on your Facebook post, but in addition, No Thanks is pretty cool, and I enjoy Ringmaster for whatever reason. It would probably get super chaotic at 3 or 4, but it works fine with 2. It has pretty cool artwork as well.

  3. Excellent list. Do you have a preference for “The Crew” as a 3 or 4 player game? Or no preference.

  4. 1. Starfighter.2. Illimat + Crane Wife expansion.3. Lost Expedition + Fountain expansion.4. Biblios. 5. Barking up the Wrong Tree.6. Hanimakoji. 7. Modern Art.8. The Blood of an Englishman.9. Bohnanza: The Duel.10. Hats. 11. Parade.12. Battleline.

  5. Morels is one I would include. It’s 2p only and a lot of fun. I am also really into the theme though, so realize it might not be as cool for everyone.

  6. I have "Battle Line:Medieval", same game as "Schotten Totten" but with a different theme. I would also suggest "Ohanimi" and "Tussie Mussie". And honerable mention to "Point Salad".

    I really expected "Hand and Foot" to be your number 1. Maybe another list of card games that use a traditional deck(s) of cards.

  7. The Crew is great. Frustrating playing with the family. Lost Cities is very stressful. Discarding first is hard. I like the easiness of Shotten Totten. We usually don't play with those variant cards. My kids like Fantasy Realms a lot. I think because they can make the game end real fast. We all love Skull King. It's always loud and fun when we play. We like Cabo as well. Anything fast and easy to remember the rules is a huge plus.

  8. My group plays alot of Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens, Ohanami, and my personal favorite is Hanamikoji

  9. I've played most of these and like them all. So easy to pull out a card game when someone maybe not into boardgames comes round. Most people have some knowledge of the mechanisms in more traditional card games. Shotten Totten 2? What do you think? Personally I prefer the original.

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