Top 10 Card Games (2020 edition) -

Top 10 Card Games (2020 edition)

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Watch as I share my top 10 card games. These are games where the major component and element of gameplay involve cards strictly-speaking.

Playing cards games are some of my earliest gaming memories as a little child. These games are not based on a classic bicycle deck, but many of these games give me a similar feeling. I avoid games with a more grandiose feel or larger scale. These games are usually easy to learn, quick to play but at the same time very satisfying for me.

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  1. Is lord of the rings worth getting for just the base game?

  2. I might have to try some of these! One of my favorite true 'card' games is Linko…well, after For Sale I guess 🙂 But Linko has some pretty deep strategy for what it is

  3. Loved to see some of my favorites in this list, cards definitely are my favorite component/mechanic enabler. I was actually going to suggest San Juan for you to try out 🙂 Girlfriend also loves hanamikoji, fantasy realms and blue moon legends

  4. Some of my favorite card games are Its a Wonderful World, Legacy The Testament of Duke De Crecy & Point Salad

  5. I’m just outraged that he didn’t include Uno.

  6. Nice job on the list. You have a nice flow to your commentary… just like a normal person telling me about the games they like. I don’t have any of these games myself but Android Net Runner looks interesting. Some of my favs are Arkham Horror LCG, Pathfinder Adventure card game, and my favorite one that could be considered a board game but I would say it’s more of a card game is Shadowrift. If you like Shadowrift I would HIGHLY recommend trying to get the Archfiends expansion. It is out of print I think but there are some second hands floating around… takes it from a great game to an EPIC experience, IMHO of course.

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