Top 10 Dueling Card Games -

Top 10 Dueling Card Games

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  1. Godsforge and Phase look to be right down my alley. Sadly, I couldn't find Phase anywhere. Must be out of print. I did get Godsforge though, and I can't wait to play it. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  2. First! What? The classic "war" card game didn't make it? LOL

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  4. Great video! Very well done and thoughtful! Was really hoping to see ROBA make #1…but I'll settle for 3 🙂

  5. Great list, thanks for sharing. I think Lords of Scotland is a very underrated card game that flies under the radar.

  6. Would be nice if the image of the game you talk about is in the corner at all time…

  7. Hy, could you enter the list of games you talked about? Thanks

  8. Loved the video, though you’ve made me spend loads of cash now! Admiring the IRFU flag too, why aren’t there some (any?) good rugby games!

  9. I am surprised Magic the gathering wasn't at least in the top 10. I loved the video, never heard of any of those games.

  10. is it just me or does this guy sound just like Neil Degrasse Tyson

  11. The List:

    10. Grimslingers

    9. The Fox in the Forest

    8. Godsforge

    7. Thunder & Lightning

    6. Hero: Tales of the Tome

    5. Phase

    4. Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle

    3. Radiant Offline Battle Arena

    2. Fight For Olympus

    1. 1750: Britain vs France

  12. My favorite is Codex by Sirlin Games. You have a binder of cards (codex) from which you pick cards during the game. The picked cards go to your discard pile face-down and later get shuffled into your deck when it runs out like in deck building games. Because the discard piles are face-down, the game has a fog of war element as you don't immediately know what your opponent has picked. Another cool thing is the fact that your codex has about 3 times as many cards as you'll use in a single game. This gives you flexibility even if you always play with the same codex. A codex is more like a toolbox than an already designed game plan.

    PS. I had to write this comment twice because the first version got automatically deleted.

  13. Great List. Can you do an actual one? I like Mindbug and Radlands

  14. Keyforge not being on this list is a crime man 😆

  15. I now own all 10 of these. Have yet to play Hero, Phase, Professor, Radiant, Fight, & 1750. Wrote out quick play notes on all but Professor & 1750 so far. Really thinking of making a 2 player/card game club @ the LGS, but I'm already overbooked…guess we'll see.

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