Top 10 Fusion Strike Pokemon Cards -

Top 10 Fusion Strike Pokemon Cards

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  1. I’m about to open an elite trainer box of fusion strike lol

  2. I have gengar vmax

    If you don't believe me watch the latest video I've posted of rate it or hate it

  3. Mew on their way to be half the list: 🏃‍♂️

  4. I have gengar and mew v max plus ditto v max and all charisards v max wowowowowowowowowow

  5. Remember the old days where we actually used to play with these

  6. I had the #1 but traded it for a 25aniverary zacian x

  7. Curriesandwich • 942B Views • 179 years ago says:

    Why does this song sound so good

  8. When I got a fusion strike pack only 1 I got the mew vmax

  9. Bro that Genesect V alt tho 👀

  10. I HAD inteleon VMAX but I trade it it was real I checked and the cards I trade for were fake😭😭😭😭

  11. The espeon vmax is from evolving skies not fusion strike

  12. I have NO 1 and did not think it was worth that much

  13. Bro what's this song like god DAMN

    It goes hard af

  14. oof i got the no. 5 mew… in my country its worth $73.60

  15. epicmemer but with the wrong picture says:

    Ive had that mew vmax

  16. What da fu** the inteleon is worth so much more I have it it’s like a 120 bucks to 85

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