Top 10 LCG Card Games -

Top 10 LCG Card Games

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In this video I share my 10 favorite Living Card Games from Fantasy Flight!

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  1. I recommend Legend of the five rings! sad to see its missing from the list.

  2. Netrunner for the win! Best card game i have ever played hands down

  3. Summoner Wars uses the LCG business model. Each deck is pre-made and unique to its faction. Even though it’s not Fantasy Flight, it’s an LCG through and through.

  4. @14:25 That's absolutely why it's ranked so low in your list. The core mini-campaign is not great. It's incredible how much variety and creative settings the cards bring in future campaigns. I saw in another reply a year ago that you had cycles ready to play but, sadly, saw no updated videos on the channel. Maybe someday! Looking forward to seeing if your opinion has changed any. Cheers.

  5. Netrunner is definitely the best. Null Signal Games has done a great job keeping things alive.

  6. There is also Legend of the 5 rings LCG…

  7. Too bad no cards or ongoing game are shown in the video

  8. I think I might try Conquest based on your recommendation. There were good deals on eBay for the base game and a bunch of expansions. It looks fun!

  9. I own and love only agot and marvel the rest were pure shit

  10. There can only be one to rule them all ❤️

  11. Highly recommend grabbing a complete cycle for Arkham LCG. The difference in experience is huge compared to the core set alone!

  12. Arkham Horror all the way! Its the only one that feeks like an RPG

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