Top 10 Mechanisms: Card Games -

Top 10 Mechanisms: Card Games

Adam in Wales
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In this video, I look at the diverse world of modern card games and the mechanisms used in them.

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In this Vlog, I discuss:

Incan Gold/Diamant
Dead Mans Draw
Port Royal
For Sale
Modern Art
Flash Duel
Dicht Dran
Habe Fertig
6 Nimmt!
No Thanks!
7 Wonders
Sushi Go
Sheep and Thief
Thunderstone Advance
Lost Cities
Kodama: The Tree Spirits
Yardmaster/Aramini Circus
Saint Petersburg
San Juan
Machi Koro
Schicki Micki
Pick a Dog
Ghost Blitz
Tarantula Tango
Pi Mal Pflaumen
On the cards
Potato Man


  1. I have made a card game about dating reality shows. I have play tested with friends. How can I make it reality?nGet it out there?
    I feel kinda shame that it sits on my desk.

    You get a random set of 3 characters surfer boy, actress, painter girl, guitar boy, singer girl, skater boy etc. on those cards they have likes and dislikes. Surfer boy has +2 going to the beach. +1 sports in general. He has -1 raining outside, indoor activities, and -2 going to the bar he really hates it.
    Then you get a set of 5 random event cards (aka episodes) in your hand. Each turn you play 1 event card and your goal is to impact your characters positively while on the same time it impacts your enemy characters negatively. After you play an event card you randomly draw another. Camping date, board game date etc.
    If one of your characters goes -4 they exit the reality show in a big burst of tears. If 2 characters go +3 they start dating and exit the show. Those characters are replaced by new random ones.
    After 48 episodes (event cards) the show ends and we count who the winner is based on their exits.

  2. Downforce is a card racing game. The only balance precaution is that cards must be separated in 2 decks before giving cards to players so players have equal number of cards from both decks. Two decks, wildcards and the rest. That way there will not be players with the huge advantage of having only wildcards.

  3. The latest game Star of Akarios seems a good game for academic research about how to make a complete game where mechanics do not deliver a customer experience. It is also a case for card AI failure during combat.

    A gamer will not like it, but it will be valuable material for teachers to show students how a game looks before having enough playtesting.

  4. Great video! Btw, would you classify shuffle building as a separate card game mechanism? Any games other than Smash Up that also shares the shuffle building aspect that you would know and probably recommend? Thanks!

  5. This video was fantastic. I learned about different mechanics which is what I was looking for. I think it's more brilliant that I have not heard of a single game mentioned in this video, and I love that lol.

  6. This is a great overview of card games. Far more comprehensive than you first let on at the beginning. Great selection of games that really cover the topic well, as well as a number I have never heard of that intrigued me. Good use of light and editing. Nice aesthetic and appealing.

  7. This is a great video! It's nice to see so many of the different mechanics being incorporated into games at once

  8. Any reason Hanabi isn't on this list? Hmm?

  9. It’d be cool if you showed the cards while you’re talking about them.

  10. The trick taking game is just a recreation of euchre right?

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