Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time! -

Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time!

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Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time!

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  1. 10:58– Last chance? The Saints had already won a SB with Drew. Aren’t you supposed to know these things?

  2. 10 should been top 5. They're still butthurt

  3. I was 13 when I watched Titans-Bills game of '99 with my college-loving football father. We got very invested in watching our Titans on that rainy day. When that challenge came up I literally look a ruler right down the trajectory of the pass. It actually flew backwards .25 of a yard. The hate of the announcers is completely uncalled for. Not to mention falsely staining the Titans.

  4. That wasn't a forward pass. Look at his hand relative to the line on the ground, then look at the receivers hands when he catches it. Yes only a few inches off but a lateral.

  5. Yeah Tony was next level bad when it came to clutch time. Probably the least clutch QB the Cowboys have ever had.

  6. I remember when #3 happened. The news headlines in Kansas City the next day read "HORSESH!T" on the front page. Warmed my heart as a Colts fan. 😆

  7. So the Romo blunder was actually the coach’s fault, you don’t have your QB who is playing the QB position that game also serve as the kick-setter, it’s messing with his aura or his juju. You want your QB focused on QB things during the game, not think about kicking stuff. Was there no other player qualified as kick-setter? I know Romo was qualified.

  8. I like to see a video like this heartbroken lose in the championship game

  9. I like to see a video like this and heartbroken losing in the Super Bowl game

  10. Why was romo the place holder for kick tho he’s ur starting qb

  11. Jan 2007 Chargers choke wildcard against Pats (running back the interception and getting stripped). …OR…Chargers Jan 2010 wildcard choke against the Jets (3 missed FGs)…OR…Chargers Jan 1996 wildcard Chargers choke against Indy and a rookie RB that set a franchise record that game…OR…Jan 2023 wildcard choke a 27 point lead

  12. That was not an illegal forward pass, you can see the ball traveling in a backwards direction or travel

  13. Can we stop this Oilers Bills thing? The WR went out of bounds and illegally touched the ball for a TD on 4th down.

    The result of the game was entirely dependent on officiating errors.

  14. The nfl needs to change the overtime rules. One team not getting the ball is stupid because it is equally both teams fault for going into OT

  15. Why you do this to us Oiler fans ? Still hurts inside.

  16. Cody Parkey should be banned from the city of Chicago for the rest of his life. From a long time Bears fan

  17. That Romo k-ball was slick as fuck and that palmer hit was dirty. Why hit him low like that after a throw?

  18. crazy how the Seahawks are on the winning end of 3 of these lol

  19. I remember watching that #10 game live, and Romo dropping the hold. He almost recovered it but, yeah, truly devastating.

  20. And Tebow mania died after that game 😂

  21. the last vikings clip with jake reid. His toe was out of bounds on that touchdown

  22. Dropping the snap defined Romo’s career? Get outta here. You don’t know a damn thing about his career

  23. I'm not saying he would be a big time starter. But man, Washington ruined RG3's chances by pushing him to come back so soon

  24. Wow, what a surprise, that No. 9 is on this list. Romo was an epic choke artist that delusional Dallas fanboys want to elevate to the GOAT level. Even before his fumble (he actually fumbled twice), he started off that game completing just 4 of his first 12 passes with the only points until the end of the 1st half coming from a defensive TO and a rare 50 YD FG from Gramatica. In elimination games, he was 2-7 with as many TOs as TDs. Not to mention that he was responsible for 2 of the biggest blown leads in Dallas history. Worship on 'Boys stans – your replies will be ignored.

  25. What about blair walsh missed kick vs Seahawks in the coldest nfl game ever?? It was a 26 yard kick

  26. You CANNOT TELL ME that #8 hit too injure Carson Palmer wasn’t intentional! 🤦🏽‍♂️ That was so shameful.

  27. That first one is the reason we call him Tony Homo.

  28. Steelers, if you cant be good be lucky

  29. The Browns must have built their stadium on a Indian Cemetery or something . They are just cursed. 25 QBs and 11 Head coaches in 20yrs

  30. 2005 Pittsburgh knew we were the team standing in their way for the Super Bowl so they dove at Palmers leg first play. Was such a dirty play and no flag.

  31. I thought the saints Vikings game was a in the divisional round

  32. These are all just wild card loses too. NFL is awesome!

  33. Lol tony romos trash ass had cowboys fans crying tears that year bunch of losers anyways

  34. My mother never forgave Tony Romo for that hold. She probably still sees that game in her nightmares.

  35. Watched the bills oilers in 92. Good game. Historic

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