Top 10 Roguelike Card Games | iOS & Android -

Top 10 Roguelike Card Games | iOS & Android

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  1. ahh Slay the Spire and Tavern Rumble. Two of my favorites. ohh Card Thief was also mentioned, good one.

  2. Wanted to buy slay the spire but they removes it for android 13 because they are ahving issues with it. Bruh

  3. Guys this is one of the best game out there SLIME IM use referral code gb42n8rznbg4

  4. Great video featuring a fantastic list of games from one of my fav genres! But the grandaddy‘s daddy (or mother?) – the first ever of this genre – is badly missing. And personally, it‘s still the most fun of them all: Dream Quest. Magic‘s inventor isn‘t a big fan for no reason. As is the dev of Dicey Dungeons (basically his fan game). Also the first Meteorfall was the dev’s Dream Quest version with Reigns mechanics. To me, session length, speed of the game, wild variety of classes and synergies are unmatched to this day. Currently playing again like crazy (and still sucking at it).

  5. Great recs as always!! I'll be checking these out! Thank you!

  6. I need a newbie guide for some of these games please? Starting with Slay the Spire. I really want to get into all these games but I always feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. Great video!

  7. Awesome video and thank you for including Dawncaster: The RPG Cardventure in your top 10! It's an honor to be listed amongst the well-established names of the genre.

  8. I know it's on early access (PC & Mobile) but have you tried Breach Wanderers yet?
    Personally I think it's great! 👍

  9. Great list! You are doing a great service as I honestly didn't know all of these.👍

  10. In some way playing Deckbuilders on my tablet with touch screen feels really responsive and natural. The amount of times I've made mistakes with Eternal, Slay The Spire or Monster Train on The Switch due to the controls is sometimes really telling.
    I'm just so glad that devs are still continuing to programming quality card games for android and IOS as opposed to pc only or console ports!

  11. We have the same taste hahah.
    BTW thanks for games and the timestamps ahah thnks.

  12. New subscriber here keep it up!! This content needs Promo'SM!!

  13. Great list. But you should check night of full moon it could easily take the first place

  14. Great vid, but I don't really see how cards of terra is roguelike. it's just a card based puzzle game.

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