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Top 10 Solo Card Games!

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In this special episode we take a look at my Top 10 Solo Card Games!

Links to some of the great games mentioned in this Top 10!
Legendary Alien Deck Building Game:
One Deck Dungeon:
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous:
Elder Sign:
Aeon’s End:
Aeon’s End War Eternal:
Shadowrun Crossfire:
Lord of the Rings Living Card Game:
Arkham Horror: The Card Game:

After finishing a number of solo card game Showcases recently, your requests for another Top 10 have been answered! My daughter Serenity wanted in and makes a couple of appearances as well. Enjoy! 🙂

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– Friday (Inducted in 2017)
– Onirim (Inducted in 2017)
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Top 10 Solo Card Game List Criteria:
Games which use cards as the primarily device with which the game is played.

Excited to hear your thoughts everyone! Also, I’d really like to know your Top 10 Solo Card Game list in the comments below. This will help others discover some other great solo card games!

Introduction / Special Guest | 0:10
Honorable Mentions | 1:46
Start of the Top 10 Solo Card Games List | 9:27
Number 10 | 9:34
Number 9 |12:59
Number 8 | 23:26
Number 7 | 29:33
Number 6 | 34:42
Number 5 | 40:40
Number 4 | 45:37
Number 3 | 52:07
Number 2 | 1:01:02
Number 1 | 1:11:15
Future Contender | 1:27:40
Conclusion and Your Feedback | 1:31:20

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If you’re interested in learning more about the solo playable games shown in this video, search my channel for Showcases which will give you a more in-depth look at some of the games from this list.

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Created & Hosted By: Adam Smith.
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  1. I find your video very helpful even after two years … thanks

  2. Sorry Adam to spill the news to you but your daughter is way more photogenic then you :D.

  3. Did you ask Serenity for her permission to be filmed beforehand? 😀

  4. Great list Adam, I have most of those and would agree with your list. I haven't tried LotR yet but from what I have experienced from AH I am keen to give it a try, and Shadowrun Xfire has been just impossible to find 🙁

    I did wonder if you were going to include 7th in there and I definitely will be backing the TQ reprint when it goes to KS. I will have to think on a top 10 but it would be really similar.

  5. Great list, thank you very much for it! But somehow I consider one deck dungeon to be more of a dice game (besides the name) 🙂

  6. There is actually a fourth Pathfinder set, "Mummy's Mask". This would be the most advanced version, ruleswise

  7. Thanks for the video and the great list!

    My top card games
    1.LOTR lcg (this is my grail game – I think it will always be my number 1; has been for several yrs)
    2. Sentinels
    3. Star Realms
    4. LE Aliens
    5. Hostage Negotiator
    6. Arkham Horror lcg
    7. Oh My Goods!
    8. Imperial Settlers
    9. Space Hulk:Death Angel
    10. Onirim

  8. The last Elder Signs expansions are excellent! Especially the Omens series with great new very thematic mechanics. 🙂 You should try it again. 🙂

  9. Hero Realms with the Ruins of Thandar expansion is alright. maybe not in the top ten but worth a look. I very much agree with Friday and Onirim being there. I am also enjoying  Finished – a nice little puzzely  kind of game.

  10. I don't have many of the games in your list, but looking at your video's on Aeon's End, I expected it to be top 3 material. My favorite still remains Urbion though. Quick setup, easy to take along with you and it's perfect to kill those 15 mins before dinner is ready 😀

  11. Do you think Unbroken will crack this list in the future?

  12. I loved Shadowrun Crossfire and made the mistake of pre-ordering everything for Dragonfire. That was half a year ago. Still waiting for stuff to release before my order ships. 🙁

    Recently ordered Venom Assault and am looking forward to trying that next week. There are a few more solo games I want to get my hands on but my gaming budget is dead thanks to some recent Kickstarters.

  13. "I just want to touch these colorful things damn it"

  14. Thanks for the fantastic video. Im 100% with you on your top 2. I have all LOTRLCG and Arkham LCG stuff and whole lot of other solo boardgames. For me these two are really the best, they offer so much! the customization, the different plays experiences in scenarios/quests, the play mechanics that alter the way the game is played. I have a hard time ranking wich one of these two i prefer, but for now its Arkham Horror Lcg because of character progression and the richier play experience.

  15. I love, love, love the lord of rings card game and was lucky enough to purchase a large lot all at once. I’m still working through it. Your discussion about AH card game has alleviated my concerns about it just being a reskin. I’ll give it a try soon. Great vid! 👍

  16. Nice list. I really wish I would have gotten 7th continent when it came out. 🙁 Seems a bit tough to get now. The only one on your list that I disagree with is Elder sign. Only because I don't feel it's really a card game since it is primarily a dice game in my opinion. Great vid.

  17. I love Arkham TCG. Over the course of the relatively short run they keep trying new things and introducing new mechanics. Just wrapped up Carcosa.

  18. The problem with 7th continent is that the only way is to spend insane bucks (starting at 160 USD lowest and all way up to 500 USD) on a second-hand market =(

  19. Would Maximum Apocalypse make the 11-20 area? I really like the theme of this one but it is a little pricy so I am little more critical of it. I am also looking at After The Virus. Similar theme but different mechanics. Hopefully I can get them both.

    Video feedback – I think each segment went a little long and a little too much into detail of the games. And the volume was a little low. Love watching your stuff though.

  20. Damn it Adam, think about my wallet please!!!!

  21. You would probably prefer the theme of Legendary Encounters Firefly… just assuming you might be a fan… not sure why 🙂

  22. Great video, as always!

    Love One Deck Dungeon. It's great for some lightweight gaming. Was tough to get ahold of though, since the manufacturer doesn't ship to Canada. But I eventually got it and love it.

    Picked up Gloom of Kilforth as a late pledge for the expansions, and can't wait to play it. Your showcase of it is what made me buy it (and your playthrough of Hexplore It made me get that in the Forests of Adrimon KS as well; you should get a commission!)

    Elder Sign was the first solo board game I ever bought years ago. Had a blast with it, but it's hella hard unless you make some adjustments to the rules.

    7th Continent seems interesting. Would you say it was along the same lines of Gloom of Kilforth, where you adventure around, battling monsters, and whatnot? I'll have to check out your playthroughs of it, and keep an eye out if they ever do a third Kickstarter. Pretty expensive buy-in, though, if you're a completionist like me!

  23. Great list! I thought it was spot on. I feel the same way about LotR and AH, it's soooo close though!

  24. I'm just starting to delve into the hobby. I fell head over heels in love with 7th Continent only to discover it's pretty much unavailable to the general public. And it keeps happening. Gloom of Kilforth was another one. There's so many interesting games out there, but if you miss them around the first time, you've got no chance to play them. Or if you're like me, you can't afford to drop $100 or more on a game that may not turn out to be any good in time. I would love to get my hands on 7th Continent, no matter the cost, but alas, alack…….and it just seems so many games I'm interested in are only KS games…..

    Anyway rant over. I enjoy your channel!!

  25. Nice list, and even have some of them.

    Have you played Hostage Negotiator. I quite like the 'push your luck' combined with the dice rolling and hand manage systems that are presented in the game.

    A quick note from the videos, what are the flat card holders that are visible in the various videos. I quick like how they are straight and seem to be able to be snapped together. I have been looking for some, but i havent been able to find any that i like to use at the moment.

  26. She going to trying to pull them games of the shelf for at least next couple of years. 😉

  27. haha am I the only one who tried to scroll down a time or two during the BGG screen times LOL…

  28. God damn it, not again. Now i had to order Palm Island. Im a sucker for smart & portable card games.

  29. Hi Adam!
    I'm surprised that you mention SR:CF isn't easily available from retail anymore. The French version is readily available at my favorite online store, and I bought this second-hand on the standard French site for second-hand stuff (okkazeo). It really is crazy tough and I'm not sure if I'd keep it for solo play (but it's good with me for multiplayer). Also, since you have Dragonfire, I don't really see a reason for you to want SR:CF.
    Of note: my favorite foreign online site for games DOES list the new edition as "a little more" than a reprint:—en/
    I didn't know that, so thanks for sharing!

    No room for love for Assault on Doomrock, Battle for Greyport, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, and Shadowrift? 🙂 Those would have made my top 10 over some of yours… So let's see…

    #10: I don't have any. Yes, I could borrow more from your list, but I don't feel it'd be fair. It's gotta be my list, y'know? 😉
    #9: Shadowrun Crossfire (on the door's step towards the exit, as it is too difficult for me as a solo game)
    #8: Race for the Galaxy (I need to play this more, even though I think I'd definitely prefer playing this with friends and will remove this from my list in a few more solo plays, 'cause you can't explore all-that-many strategies with the solo variant)
    #7: Shadowrift (an overlooked gem in my view, though you need to read & watch gameplays to understand the rules)
    #6: Warhammer Quest (I was really bummed that FF's given up on this one. I played with friends and we all enjoyed it. I played solo and got maimed a few times until I could get a hang of things. It's a bit of "Lord of the Rings: TCG" without the deck-preparation aspects and still a lot of the high-fantasy theme coming through every single card. Really wish there were expansions for this.)
    #5: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (everyone I've played this with has loved it. I've enjoyed my 7 plays through the years of the game, even though it was on the easy side. It just needs some difficulty tuning, and I have just the idea to try once a friend returns it back home.)
    #4: Aeon's End (I agree it's a great game! The purely solo mode with 1 mage is violently hard, though… But we're given the choice to play with more mages if we want.)
    #3: Lord of the Rings: the card game (the trick with this game for me is – I have a friend I play thiswith and he ownsevery single expansion ever, so I'm unlikely to buy it and unlikely to play it solo. But it rocks, no doubt!)
    #2: Battle for Greyport (another great under-rated game. I really enjoy the multiplayer puzzle aspect, which you can emulate as a solo player with multiple characters – though I wouldn't try beyond 2. My experience with my player group might be influencing me here…)
    #1: Assault on Doomrock (a lovely, too often disregarded, game. Hard to find, but really worth playing for the 6 hours that this monstrosity requires. But let me say this: these are going to be 6 hours of joy and brain squeezing! Lots of humor on the cards, many opportunities to try and optimize your play, combats done in a way that, for once, caters to my imagination. I love it love it loooove it!)

    * Out of my list and on yours:
    One-Deck Dungeon (too many dice for me)
    Pathfinder (I played it quite a bit of the first box, but all adventures look the same after some time, for me)
    Elder's Sign (I have no love for the Cthulu theme, and I find too many dice rolls here)
    Gloom of Kilforth (this is the one I'm most hesitant about, as I don't like the little bit of horrible-looking-monsters and the dice rolls, but the gameplay really is interesting (except dice) and the art is really, really top-notch)
    7th Continent (I happen to have tried this this week, after borrowing it from a friend who I pushed to back it. He he. I like the exploration, but I hate the way this game kicks you hard where it hurts for being curious or thorough in your exploration. I'd rather play a book form of a choose-your-own-adventure, where it'd be easier to go back and forth. And quicker to start over if I get kicked. I'm wondering if my interest in Legacy of Dragonholt should go down?)
    Arkham Horror: the card game (I don't like the theme, and there's a Lord-of-the-Ring themed alternative that almost has the same system, so why would I bother with this? 😉

    * Honorable mentions / Upcoming games:
    – Palm Island (yep, backed, and I think it'll be good to play in situations usually awkward for games,such as queuing)
    – Diceborn Heroes (i've really been hoping this would rock hard; I've backed the game and I'm happy I have)
    – Thunderstone Quest (I'm as excited as you!!)
    – Blight Chronicles (I hve high hopes that this be less repetitive that Superhot, which I thought I'd really like but couldn't care for after a single game on their emulator.)
    – Chronicles of Frost (probably a Gloom of Kilforth like, without the gloom, in the Mistfall universe. I've missed the kickstarter.)
    – Tiny Epic Defenders (I don't own it yet… Gotta find the second edition and report back. Have you tried it?)
    – Attack on Titan: the deck-building game (the theme has me waaaay back, and I did the mistake of watching a few episodes, but the gameplay looks solid and Rahdo has praised it for its difficulty, so…)
    – Dark Souls: the card game (I would like to get a chance to try it. I have a bad feeling about playing solo with a single character, but other than that it really caters to my fond memories of the video game. Does it qualify for this list, since it has a board?)
    – Finished! (I gotta play this)

    (Wow, that's one long comment to post…)

  30. Hi,
    – Legendary Encounter is good game, but the theme is not my taste.
    – One Deck Dungeon and Forst of Shadows is currently on my pile of shame.
    – Pathfinder was a disappointment. After 4 solo plays with one char, which I all lost, I had no interest anymore to play it solo because, I didn't see a way to win this. We played through the adventure path with 4 players, and this was to easy.
    – Never played Elder Sign, but now it is on my "want to play" list. Before this video, I didn't consider it to try out, because of the Cthulhu theme.
    – I am waiting for the 2nd printing of Gloom of Kilforth to arrive. I realy like the art.
    – I saw the Kickstarter for Aeon's End: Eternal War and as a fan of coop and card games, i had to buy it. They had a "pickup option" at Spiel Essen and their booth was close to the one I was working. I bought every thing they had for Aeon's End, just before the fair opened. What i didn't considered, that I had to carry all the stuff after my shift the rest of the day. My back yelled the next day.
    – I heard several times about Shadowrun Crossfire, but I am not a fan of the theme. So I was very happy as Dragonfire was announced. I played it two time solo with four chars, but this was to much. I have not try it with only two chars.
    – 7th Continent is amazing. I like that there are no dice and the resolution of the action are random but not totally random. I played it only 4 times solo with one char, but I failed miserably. In every try I had the problem of running out of cards, because the hunting grounds were vanished after one hunt. Maybe I get it wrong.
    – I did not noticed "The Lord of the Rings" until this top 10. Luckily friends of mine have it, so I can try it out.
    – I don't like "Arkam Horror the board game", because it feels so random which checks I have to make. I have the same feeling with Eldritch Horror. Is it the same with the card game?
    – I have several y Thunderstone Version, but they are not so good as I expected. Especially because I morphed from a competitive player to a coop gamer.


  31. Nice list. Very informative. I liked the play through videos. Showing the game off in the background is more appealing to me than seeing the BGG website. A background video showing off components or favorite characters of the games you have would have been nice.

  32. I'm no mathemagician or anything, but I'm having a tough time conceptualizing how a single game could potentially dethrone "several of the Top 10". No matter how good Thunderstone Quest is, it is still one game, hence only one spot on the list, presumably knocking off #10, regardless of where it lands on the list. Is he predicting it will be so good that it will take up several spots, or that it will change his world so much that it will singlehandedly skew his view and concept of gaming itself, and his top 10 along with it? Either way, I don't get it.

  33. Has Serenity destroyed any board games yet? Will you do a Top 10 Games that Serenity's likes the taste of?

  34. could be interesting your thoughts about top ten dungeon crawler solo like Colin´s video in one co op shop

  35. One Deck Dungeon is a Solo Gamers dream! Great game

  36. Wow, just discovered your channel! Amazing stuff mate. Please, if you can get it, consider doing Lords of Hellas! It seems to have great solo rules, but bit confusing.

  37. Thanks for the advice on Pathfinder, since the original is getting very hard to get.

  38. What's the easiest game to start with? Thanks

  39. I thought this was a video on solo card games played with a deck of cards. Kinda like solitaire or the clock one. Title wasn’t very clear

  40. you are more into AT games, theme and story, but i have to say that i quite like game called imperial settlers

  41. Thanks for this video! It was everything I wanted to know about solo gaming!!

  42. Do you typically play LOTR Lcg one or two handed?

  43. Adam… I’m looking for a solo card based game to add to the collection. If you were going to get into Arkham Horror and you had around $100.00 to spend what would you get aside from the core box. Also, I have been looking at Apocraphy as a alternative. Campaign and character progression are the key points I’m looking for.

  44. Arkham horror card game: when you were showing the fantasy flight Arkham horror website and looking at the products available you said you have to spend XP to play either the standalone adventures or the Dunwich legacy etc., what do you mean by you have to spend XP to play those expansions? Don’t you just buy an expansion and start playing? Thanks

  45. Hey excellent video, what's the card stand you are using in arkham lcg? Thanks

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