Top 5 card games for solo play -

Top 5 card games for solo play

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In this Episode NinjaGeek discusses his top 5 solo card games that are currently being played during isolation. What are your top 5 games? Here we look at dungeon crawlers, living card games, push your luck mechanics and deck builders for solo play.

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  1. Thank you for watching. Please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and subscribe to the channel 😀

  2. Maybe don't read the entire script from start to end without looking at the camera. Makes it seem like you know nothing about the games you're talking about. Kinda seems like stifler talking about magic the gathering…..

  3. Nice one thanks dude I would pick aliens too. Even withouy playing any of them

  4. Interesting, I can see Aerion on your shelves, a single player focused card game, and it's not on the list. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the game.

  5. Great video!! Need to play my copy of Legendary Encounters: Alien

  6. Awesome videos Sir. Giving me one hell of a wishlist, Keep it up 🤗😎

  7. You have three games on your list that I really love: Dark Souls the Card Game, Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game, and Legendary Encounters Aliens! If someone ask to play any of these games I am always willing to play! My three card games I currently love playing are: Aeon's End, Aventuria Adventure Card Game, and Maximum Apocalypse!

  8. Arkham is super good, but super hard! #1 for me!

  9. Great video! If I'm ordering Dark Souls would you recommend I go ahead and get the expansion as well for maximum enjoyment?

  10. Thoughts on the Dark Souls board game?

  11. Definitely check out Its A Wonderful World! Has a brilliant solo play rule set and plays great multiplayer! One of my newest favorite game purchases. Thankfully came out before the Quarentine. Between this and Cthulhu Death May Die, they have been getting the most play!

  12. Great video, given me some food for thought. I'm a relative noob to board-gaming, watching a lot of top tens and how to plays and I've got to say it's nice to see a new UK face in the community, I'm even prepared to overlook the Rams shirt :). Thanks for this and good luck with the channel.

  13. Cool reviews! Definitely want to try out "Legendary Encounters" now. My buddy and I just built a Print and Play for playing across Zoom, with a standard deck of cards each. Here is a link if you want to try it out, we made a tutorial as well on our channel. Free PnP download:

  14. I’ve got tons of friends too … [awkward silence] Great list!

  15. Hey, man. Great video. I also have a channel where i cover board and miniature games, amongst other stuff. Some great shouts there .. 🙂

  16. The Dark Souls card game is terrible, and Warhammer Adventure Card game has been out of print for about 4 years, and is never coming back into print due to FFG no longer holding the Warhammer license.

    Recommending a bad game is one thing, but recommending one that no-one can buy, unless they want to spend a forune on a second hand copy, is ridiculous.

  17. I dont have friends so this will help me at lunch at school

  18. Great vid. I’m new to board games, I’m currently looking for a solo game (no friends who are interested in giving them a go). Any ideas where I can buy the Alien game from? Is it out of print now?

  19. It’s weird seeing a guy in an NFL jersey speak with and English accent

  20. Thanks for the video, you've got me interested in some of these that I might not have known about otherwise!

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