Top 5 Card Games of 2022 -

Top 5 Card Games of 2022

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My top 5 Card Games in 2022!

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  1. Thanks for the list! May the bacon ever be in your favor!

  2. what's the business model for mind bug? lcg? ccg?

  3. Oh wow. Thank you for including Longboard in your list! Surf's up! – chad

  4. Cat in the box didn't make the cut? Trying to figure out if that game is any good.

  5. Did you ever get your "upgrade kit"?? 😉

  6. No cat in the box or scout?
    I have to admit having to read text on cards is a detractor for me so I would stay away from mind bug (plus the combat element…).

  7. Hi Dan. It was awesome to see Mindbug as your #1!! Happy to hear that you are still enjoying the game. And very humbling to have it as your favorite Richard Garfield Game.

  8. Do you count Sea, Salt, & Paper as 2022?

  9. Any chance Twin Palms will be getting any retail distribution in the USA? It looks interesting for sure

  10. I haven't played a lot of new card games this year, but there was a clear winner for me, since my number 1 has become one of my favorite card game ever:

    1. Sea, Salt & Paper (instant classic)

    2. Hâpy families (a very clever children's game that blends Happy Families with the 7W Duel drafting system)
    3. Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition / Marvel: Remix
    5. Bohnanza: 25th Anniversary Edition
    Cat in the box isn't a bad game, but it was a little bit too quirky and fiddly for my taste in trick taking games.

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