Top 5 Card Games to Play in a Pub -

Top 5 Card Games to Play in a Pub

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The five best board games to play in a pub or bar.
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5. Skull –
4. That’s Not Lemonade –
3. For Sale –
2. High Society –
1. No Thanks –

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Spicy –
Cockroach Poker –
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  1. Best boardgame ranking ever! Greetings from Spain bro!

  2. While traveling please keep in mind that in some countries playing in public, especially in pubs, might be perceived as something impolite or even bad. Could be a reason to get thrown out of a Pub in some places. quick google search will usually tell you if it is ok.

  3. I try to subscribe to as few channels as possible. I get bored with people's videos pretty quickly. And it's not like I'm going to be playing any board games any time soon.

  4. I really MUST have High Society now! We'll have to have a high brow party where we serve Champagne cocktails and pair it with low brow food like Fried Chicken.

  5. Jon? Did you make the drinking game video? I love watched it

  6. Have most of these although never heard of the lemonade one. I have to say though that the IPAs I order taste nothing like piss – quality above quantity!

  7. Drinking games episode would be nice. One suggestion, Looping Louie.

  8. I carry Lamacards + chips and NoThanks cards (we use the Lama chips) inside the box of my Age of War dice game, so we have 3 small games perfect for pubs in a very small package 😀

  9. I can attest that For Sale and No Thanks are great fun. Of the two I prefer For Sale. But the biggest problem with taking those to a pub is finding third and fourth players. It always amazes me how squeamish some people inside those bars can be about having a little mental fun.

  10. Skull is on 8ts way to me rn. What a brilliant game, i will likely not play zctual poker too soon because of this

  11. I bought Skull. It hasn't resonated with anyone I've played it with yet – any thoughts how to help it along?

  12. Not played the lemonade game, but those are some prime choices. No Thanks is always in my game bag. I might get the new High Society just so I can keep it with me too. (Ahem. I have the original version, which is much too valuable to let commoners handle). And Llama is a great game if you're meeting pub friends who might be willing to try a game, but aren't gamers. Simple to teach by giving everyone a hand and starting play. And rounds only take a few minutes.

  13. Never had so much fun thinking about getting someone to drink piss

  14. I had a game night in my bar. We sat at a booth and played Get Bit, Sushi Go Party and Tiny Epic Galaxies. Also at various bars I have played Pass the Pigs and Art of War.

  15. Have to say no thanks to No Thanks. Those silly plastic things on the cards look miserable to handle and I'm confident will ruin all the players' experience. Save those who enjoy the feel of sitting on a plastic covered sofa.

  16. Yes, top 5 drinking games, please. I'll be waiting with my tequila shots in hand

  17. I like skull, but I don't get cockroach poker. Seriously one of the dumbest games I have ever played. Think liars dice is still a bit better though, although skull has even easier components. Can literally make it out of coasters.

  18. Port Royal and Salem are goods for pubs too

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