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Top 5 Living Card Games

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Taking a break from the turmoil and weirdness, not to mention the holidays, it’s time for something a bit weird: Living Card Games! They’re coming to get us and, unlike collectables, you at least know exactly what you’re getting into with the expansions. Enjoy!

Fundamentally, Living Card Games tend to be 1v1 or co-op games with pre-made or slightly mix and match style decks for people to use to combat each other or the game itself. Collectible card games are similar in that you have cards and build a deck, but there’s high unknowing factor due to booster packs: bleh. That said, not every LCG is “officially” an LCG, since it’s copywritten term, but there’s a LOT of similar games out there. What are your favorites?

As always, I need to know ALL THE THINGS from you! What are your favorite living card games, and why? Or style of LCG? Or do you not really like them? Let me know in the comments as always!

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  1. Just saw this 3 years late but I wanted ti add my 2 cents. 5) Arkham never played, I have the Elder Signs dice game and that scratch that itch, 4) Champions have not played it, 3) Game of throne. This brings up sore subject I bought 1st Ed then after buy the Deluxe expansion the came out with 2nd edition. They should have made and upgrade kit. Liked the game though. I refused to buy the 2nd. 2) Netrunner played it once though it was good but not solo playable. 1) just got the LOTR revised edtion. Glad I waited. I like the game. Would have been mad had FFG nailed me again. But at least with this you can upgrade. HM I have the Mage Wars and I do like it a lot. Here are some not on the list I like in no particular order. Vs 2pcg, Star Wars LCG, Doomtown Reloaded and one of my favorites Warhammer 40K: Conquest. Unfortunately no longer availavblr due to licencing

  2. I think the Star Wars LCG is horribly underrated … imo way better than GoT2E

  3. A lot of Fantasy Flight games there. three of them I have heard are almost the same game. I have been avoiding those money sinks so far…


  4. Someone needs to come up with a new name for this genre of games.

    You see, games like Mage Wars Academy, ASHES: Rise of the Phoenixborn and arguably even Summoner Wars ARE, both mechanically and with regards to their distribution model, LCGs.

    Problen is they can't be called 'LCGs' as the term 'Living Card Game' and 'LCG' is copyrighted by FFG.
    It's like Wizards of the Coast copyrighting 'Tap'. Ridiculous.

  5. Marvel champions does not have x men or fantastic 4….

  6. Center homie!!! Your collection is beautiful, but center that camera.

  7. I hope the liscencing gets figured out and Android: Netrunner comes back someday.

  8. Android netrunner is the best LCG of all time

  9. Game of thrones kills it for me. Such a well-designed game. I have been playing it online and it can be difficult and frustrating at times. But I still love it. Way better than magic the gathering in my opinion. Wish there was more organized play for Game of Thrones because I love it

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