Top 5 NEW Trading Card Games of 2023 -

Top 5 NEW Trading Card Games of 2023

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⚔ Top 5 NEW Trading Card Games of 2023 ⚔

00:00 TCGs in 2023
1:25 Disney’s Lorcana
2:57 Grand Archive
4:49 Battle Spirits Saga
6:10 Grimpath
8:44 Sorcery: Contested Realm
11:18 Don’t Overpay and Outro

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Grand Archive:
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Outro: Chance

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  1. The tcg world has no idea what's coming. How could they? They don't know that Lorcana is coming, that THEY are coming. The Disney adults. You are all children playing with orange lizards and planeswalkers. You can not even comprehend their aberrant, twisted form, bodies adorned with pustulant godheads yearning to be born. The hunger that surpasses this reality, a super massive blackhole that swallows multiple forlorn universes that represents their desire to consume. Your mind and soul will be broken upon their endless terror and their absolute cruelty. Your body will atomize in fine mist by cloven hoof as 72 mouths open to sing prayer to the Mouse.

  2. FaB with a pinch of mtg takes all my tcg time/money. Sorcery sounds pretty good though, especially the slower release schedule & that the guy working on it comes from PoE.

  3. Thanks for covering these TCGs. There is a lot of interest in them, and people respect your opinion. And thanks for telling people not to go crazy and FOMO – this message needs to be repeated

  4. After Watch many of your videos I have a question. Why do you always talk with your face showing the same side ever?

    Great content and video, by the way

  5. Grimpath is the one I'm most looking forward to. Warhammer Underworlds is by far my favourite currently supported Games Workshop game, and is similar to Grimpath in that is uses a deck of cards alongside minis and a board. However it looks like Grimpath is doing something a little different with their ruleset. Once the Kickstarter comes out I'll definitely check it out and probably back it, too!

    I also hear a little game called Flesh & Blood has an expansion set coming out in a few months…

  6. Lot of new TCG, so nice! Hope they can make their way to Brazil like FaB is doing.

  7. Battle Spirits, Grand Archive and maybe union arena

  8. I'm looking forward to Shadowverse Evolve and I hope it's not going to be too hard to get a hold of.

  9. Grand archive for me the game looks great, and battle spirit saga looks like fun.

  10. Battle Spirits Saga of course but also SV: Evolve as someone who has JP product. However I’m a bit worried about the collab set SV:E had and the major negative impact it had on the format health, so fingers crossed we can avoid that and I think it could be a successful launch, Bushiroad and all! 🙏

  11. I might give Grand Archive a try at some point, but I'm knee deep right now in working on a homebrew Yugioh format, so it'll be a while before I pick up another TCG.

  12. Wow…the Sorcery cards using Frazetta art. I'm in!

  13. Fantastic video! I'm so stoked for Sorcery to deliver. Grimpath looks very intriguing! And don't forget about Rise. That is looking to be a wild and fun game to play / collect as well.

  14. Grand Archive is really the only one I have my eye on, just waiting for the release to grab some starter decks right now and will see after that.

  15. Don't give disney any support!!!!

  16. No one is interested in the Games. They're interested in financial speculation. Tcgs will never ever be a lasting hobby outside of the big 3

  17. There hasn't been further news, but I'm curious if there'll be a Neopets TCG this year.

  18. Looking forward to Rise tcg. But the Disney tcg I had not heard about looks interesting thanks for all the great content

  19. I have excited for these games I just don’t want the disney lorcana Going to kill off other games

  20. Have you take a look into Bandai Union Arena? I know that for now it is only Japan release but the anime mashup looks cool

  21. Cannot wait for Grimpath and Sorcery. Trying not to get sucked into Grand Archive, but it looks good.

  22. I'm not that much into anime style TCG's but I'm looking forward to Grand Archive , the mechanics and ideas are quite fun and original

  23. Otherverse and lorcana for me. Have a small interest in and amount of grand archive and sorcery coming too.

  24. Battle Spirits Saga because i want to invest from the beggining a new TCG, and i already played with the demo deck from my local game store, it has a lot of fun and strategic gameplay
    Shadowverse because ive been playing since its first release in mobile phones and i would like to give it a try in physical form

  25. Great video – while technically not releasing this year I think the One Piece TCG should be worth a shoutout as a TCG to keep an eye on this year. Extremely fun game that appears to be exploding in popularity

  26. not so good, AH and LothR the Best and will remain so in 2023

  27. Excellent video, I just subscribed! Any chance we could get the release dates for some of these?

    I’m a big tcg collector and would love to get my hands on the “first edition” sets of all of these you mentioned in this video! Thanks again, awesome post!👍🏾

  28. You are missing 2 more…
    Elestrals looks like it could be a pretty fun, borderline cute card game. They are I believe currently working on a full release where they'll have the game mechanics and everything go live but so far the design is cool👍
    Second is one that I can't give a name yet because it's the tcg myself and a friend are in the process of roughing out the edges before going live, so we are in like an alpha phase rn and are working on getting NDA contracts out to our play test group just to keep it under wraps until it's fully ready for the public eye… But like, you missed it it's super good and cool and awesome and you're gonna love it🤩

  29. Battle spirits saga is going to be the best

  30. I bought alpha clash also. I'd like to hear what you think of it.

  31. Thank you for being straight forward

  32. Sorcery is too janky and overly tactical for my taste. It seams to have a lot of strategy behind where cards are placed which sort of boats the rules and makes for long grindy gameplay (from what we've seen). I think battle spirits saga will have a good first year or two, but won't go further than that. The Disney tcg has me VERY excited. It will be sought out by both tcg players and Disney fans, so there will likely be a healthy player base. I don't know enough about the other two to have opinions, but it seems like Grimpath will have a decent niche following. People who love to collect miniatures, love to collect miniatures, after all. The other one, I can't say for sure that I can get excited by ANOTHER anime style card game. I'm pretty sure that market is bloated beyond repair.

  33. The battle spirits commercial is fucking haunting me. Every other video.

  34. Is there any online card games that are coming out? Like hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra?

  35. So grimpath is technically a board game

  36. Many every tcg’s players ask the question …

  37. what are going to play guy what do you recommend from this list

  38. Legends of Elysium are having their Alpha now available worth cheking out

  39. What about elestrals they got over a million on Kickstarter

  40. The Disney in me wants Lorecana… But the DnD in me wants Grimpath…. Both I want Both!

  41. Im making a borad game and card game hybrid too called battle mon which is a mix of yugioh + yugioh capsule monsters hybrid

  42. I don't know 😔, I just don't trust Disney. I'm probably going to just going to keep a eye on it but I'm not planning on buying it.

  43. You Should Include Despaira tcg, its another new big one, not sure about the release date

  44. Have you heard of Akora? If so, what do you think of that one?

  45. I could not find "sorcery contested realm" online
    How can i download it ?

  46. I wonder if you would choose Grand Archive over Shadowverse Evolve and what would be the more futureproof TCG to build upon and invest into?!

  47. you look and sound (and same vibe) as one of people i meet on rpg summer camp lol

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