Top 5 Playing Cards Games HINDI | Family & Solo Playing Cards Games | How to Play //Chai And Games -

Top 5 Playing Cards Games HINDI | Family & Solo Playing Cards Games | How to Play //Chai And Games

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Bored of playing the same playing cards games over and over again? Here we have for you the TOP 5 playing cards games which you can play with family and friends or also solo! The best games are Mongoose, Napoleon, President, War & Clock!

Intro // 00:00
Mongoose // 00:36
Napoleon // 03:36
President // 06:23
War // 09:31
Clock // 11:23

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  1. Great video. In Napoleon, we used to keep the extra cards of the deck, mostly jokers, open and visible to all. This is a precautionary measure to avoid cheating. Some people keep the jokers with them just to create an illusion that they still have one deck left.

  2. In Gujarat, we used to call Mongoose, 'mungish' which literally translate mute in Gujarati. We have an added rule of not speaking anything except mungish, when someone one makes a mistake, during the entire course of the game.

  3. finally got a nice tutorial video. Thank u

  4. This video was very helpful as I played mongoose n also clock amazing games too and so nice n sporting of your family also helps you in the video God bless you all 🙏

  5. Hum log monguss Ko sati sentre Bolte h but hum centre mai 7 se start karte h not be Aika

  6. Hey Team,
    Be part of Mafia International tournament and wear the winner crown
    You can practice with all participants before the tournament
    So go ahead and register yourself for thriller ride

  7. I like your video please you can make more video only one person and play please you can make

  8. I just wanted solo games as I had no one to play with me this is interesting game so please bring more solo games wheather of cards or any board game

  9. Khash mu jha a ladha ki jaisi wife hothi ❤❤❤👍

  10. Mongoose game is copy of the game skip bo

  11. In punjab we call bhabi banana to nepolian game

  12. Kya app mujhe explain kar sakti hain ki jab mongoose bolte hain tab uske baad kise card dena hai

  13. I love the solo game clock because I am alone to play cards thankyou

  14. I don't have enough brains to understand this …okay..

  15. This game is also called as ghoose or penalty

  16. We have diffrent names 1 is same- Chidi(Club) ईंट(diamond) hukum(Spade) and Dil(hearts)

  17. I saw so many cards game videos today…..but didn't understand any😑……I thought maybe I can never learn it😓….then I thought to watch this video fir the last time and…….WoW…..I learnt so many games so easily 😲…. Thank you so much sis😊… was really fun😄

  18. No kaali begam, call break, call, bluff.. 😅

  19. DOUBT:-What if in clock game the last card where we kept is finish? Then what we will do ? (If we will start from middle ,that would have been finsh then ??????)

  20. Super games i am bored of playing same game know i can play many times

  21. All the card games were soo complicated except CLOCK

  22. Can we ask the same cards which already i have in napolean

  23. I played solo game clock first time at first time i get out nowi willplay 2nd one

  24. Thanks for this video 😀
    I had a question regarding the mongoose game .
    We are playing 2 player game and in it my opponents card was +1 on thier own deck
    So where should they keep it
    (My open deck was finished)

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