Top 50 Card Games of All Time -

Top 50 Card Games of All Time

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Do you love card games? This is the list for you. I take a look at my favorite 50 card games of all time in a quick hits video.

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  1. Have you tried Race for the galaxy & Res arcana ? Surprise that they not appeared on this list 😢

  2. Agree with your top 3, as in they are great, I would have air land and sea much higher, and where is Keyforge the best card game of all time 🤯

  3. Cockroach Poker 😆🤣😅 We laugh so hard playing that. Just seeing the expressions when someone's lying. Trying to identify if someone has a tell… It's just so simple, yet such a good time.

    Also, good to hear that you give a game more than one try as you did Abandon All Artichokes. Sometimes games don't click right away.

    AWESOME list!!!👍

  4. I like the term "small box games" rather than "filler"

  5. I LOVE hand and foot. I recently did a short video comparing it to Canasta. I grew up on both and love em both. Great video!

  6. I have a lot of fond family memories with hand and foot too, and I had the same opinion on abandon all artichokes, my first couple plays I didn’t care much for it but as you get familiar with the cards and cadence of the game it is pretty fun

  7. I don't know how to explain it but to me, For Sale and Hanamikoji don't "feel" like card games.

  8. Netrunner is the best one, sorry. And I'm saying that despite not being even a big fan, just a casual player. But no other game card game comes even close, seriously.

  9. I take it you stayed away from deckbuilders on purpose? Good list. A few you didnt mention a few that ive found very fun. Greed, Tichu, The Castles of Burgundy card game, San Juan, and Dragonheart. Thanks for the video. I have a few that id like to try out now.

  10. I definitely like a strategic heavy euro but I love a good card game. I loved this list and you’ve given me a lot of games to try. I’m not a big solo player at all but I do like the card games Friday and Palm Island. Wondering if you’ve played them?

  11. I swear my wallet hates you sometimes. Haha jk, another great video!

  12. This is a great list! I have a lot of the games you listed. One that packs a big punch in just a small deck is mottainai. And a good solo game is valley of the kings afterlife.

  13. I enjoyed watching your list. I like the brief synopsis of the games. Very surprised Bohnanza is not on this list.

  14. Many of your favorites would be on my top 50 but Innovation is my favorite card game. Card drafters, tricktakers, there are a million varieties but Innovation is unique and I believe a must play for a gamer.

  15. Fantastic list! I love clever little card games. Have you tried Stellar and Piepmatz?

    My top ones are:
    #1 Mandala
    #2 Arboretum
    #3 Parade
    #4 Enchanted Plumes
    #5 Scout
    #6 Ohanami
    #7 Jaipur

  16. Fantastic video that deserves 10x views. Very few channels list out the card games from the board games. You have a solid 50.
    Thanks for posting.

  17. Over here (Belgium, Holland) the Cabogame, your number 5, is known as Beverbende (Beavergang).
    It's very popular! I work in a psychiatrie and play this game a lot with patients because it's very easy to grasp but holds heaps of fun.
    Thanks for the video, I will purchase Scout but over here it's sold out everywhere.

  18. Outstanding video! Please make your top 100 card games!

  19. You should try quiddler. Its a spelling game.
    I have loved it for a long time. You should try it.

  20. You have a very good list of solid choices. And I liked your presentation, keeping it to about 30 seconds per game. Well done! Some of my favorites that weren't one your list are: Silver (similar to CABO), Villagers, Cat Lady, TEN, Euchre, and Gin Rummy.

  21. 6 Nimmt, 11 Nimmt, LLAMA, 5 Towers, Maskmen, Fuji Flush, Spicy, Hungry Monkey, Wizard, Saboteur….

  22. I follow you there I am exactly like you I love card games. Thanks for the video

  23. I'm suprised you didnt mention Race for the Galaxy, or Wizard, or Bohnanza

  24. Colt super express sounds so cool i will have to get this game.
    My favorite card game is Dutch Blitz it's a fast card collecting game. Great video thanks!

  25. Great and solid list!, only missed Skull King and Sea, Salt and Paper, have you tried it?

  26. I love loveletter, arboretum, coup de tat, starwars and Citadels. Citadels is my favorite

  27. Hi, have you played quests of valhalla , or legends of valhalla? I have played it and it seems like an early card-game version of the famous boardgame series atchitects of the west kingdom, paladins or wayfairers

  28. 50. Hand and Foot
    49. Port Royal
    48. Illusion
    47. Red7
    46. Colt Super Express
    45. Food Chain Island
    44. Hanabi
    43. Wizards of the Grimoire
    42. Gloomy Graves
    41. Doctor Who Fluxx
    40. High Society
    39. No Thanks!
    38. Love Letter
    37. Coloretto
    36. Parade
    35. Cockroach Poker
    34. Onirim (Second Edition)
    33. Star Realms
    32. Jaipur
    31. Dungeon Mayhem
    30. Guillotine
    29. Abandon All Artichokes
    28. PUSH
    27. Regicide
    26. Sushi Go!
    25. Biblios
    24. Magic: The Gathering
    23. Schotten Totten
    22. Point Salad
    21. Lost Cities
    20. Ohanami
    19. Ecosystem
    18. Claim
    17. Sprawlopolis
    16. For Sale
    15. Air, Land, & Sea
    14. Arboretum
    13. AGoT: Hand of the King
    12. Mandala
    11. The Lost Expedition
    10. Conspiracy: Abyss Universe
    9. SCOUT
    8. Fantasy Realms
    7. Archeology: The New Expedition
    6. Hats
    5. CABO (Second Edition)
    4. Enchanted Plumes
    3. Hanamikoji
    2. Radlands
    1. The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

  29. I got 22 of those. Of course Spades, with the optimal rules for four players makes my top 10 card games. HUE, a super small gum sized card game, makes my top 20. I have not played Regroup! Chicken Army, Ivanhoe, Heckmeck am Karteneck and Hot Lead yet. Have some expectations for those four to be good. 6 nimmt! and District Noir is in my list of top 50 card games. Biblios should of course be in a top 10.

    I got Money!, Trio, Stool Pigeon and many other card games which I have not played yet.

  30. If you like Cabo, you have to try Stool Pigeon!

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