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Top “Best Card Games” No One Plays | SKYLENT

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Top “Best Card Games” No One Plays | SKYLENT
These are the f2p, free to play, free collecting card games, ccg, and general card based games that are free to play that no one really plays.




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  1. Where s the legends of runeterra? Said no one ever

  2. Prismata should be number one. 😉 It should have more players and recognition.

  3. The 3 best digital only card games flat out are…..faeria , eternal, and battleforge

  4. I like Eternal Card Game on steam played for a long time, never dropped a dime into it for card packs because they give you a free pack every first win and gathering in game currency is super easy.

  5. As someone who hasn't played any of these games, it is impossible to tell what is going on from the gameplay shown.

  6. "Best Card Games No One Plays"
    Show most played besides hearthstone =P

  7. I tell 1 word etherlord II and Might & Magic…

  8. Aquí falta Causa Voices of the dusk :p ajajaj saludos =)

  9. RIP Infinity Wars. Over 757 hours spent on it. One of the greatest card games I ever played. Devs let the game die with no updates and no patches or content. You can download it and play story and maybe get some matches if you are lucky but… rest in peperinos.

  10. Infinity wars is the best card game I've ever played. And I'm a mtg diehard fan

  11. Best non pay to win ccgs ive played so far are mythguard and spellweaver.

  12. the only card game on your list that I liked was Faeria but then it went buy2play and then it never felt right anymore. I don't really like any of the card games on your list, a bit interesting but there's no point collecting cards when you don't like the cards you collect cuz that's the point of ccg.

  13. Can you recommend 5 that you Buy that doesn't have deck buying?

  14. Lots of the old tiles are already dead unfortunately. From the new ones out there my personal TOP3 is Shadowvrse, DuelLinks and World of Myths

  15. adventure time card wars is probably the best game when it comes to rewards you don't have to pay for anything except the game which is like 1$ something like that on IOS but totally worth it

  16. Avoid pay to win: just play legends of runeterra

  17. Hi,

    the best CCG I've played the last 15 years is Athenion.

    * Reddit:
    * Twitter:

    Every battle is a tactical challenge for both players. You don't have to pay money to win. Train your strategies with the different factions to get higher ranks!
    Even without rare or legendary cards you can build a powerful deck. It's just fun all the time.
    ( :

    Elli D.

  18. Thank you for the quality music. It balances against your speed. The manic images are pulled down by the music. Very yin yang. Nice balance.

  19. I came here after playing hearthstone it was way to expensive to keep up

  20. Legends of runeterra best card game out right now!

  21. duelyst is incredible but expensive AF. You get to a point where you need to build the competitive version of your budget deck that got you so far, and the cards are expensive to craft. Faeria was also too expensive for what it was…. i purchased a sort of premium pack for begginers and got almost nothing out of it.

  22. I want to mention Krosmaga. I did like original games from that company and this game didn't disappointed me either.

    About gwent. I don't know if poeple play it now. i played when there was 6 lines (3 for each player) and it was good. Now i see 2 lines and don't want to install it because it lost it's uniqueness

  23. Hey, Play a Triple Fantasy as nice as other, bro.

  24. Loved your top two. Fantastic games!

  25. Just bought Best of Solitaire | cosmigo for $3 on eshop and tested it. Highly recommended, it also has the very addictive Penguin variant (go to settings and set it to follow color, ignore suit). Also saves, undoes and the (i) shows the rules. The #free spaces in reserve == #cards you can move around. 3dsxl >> switch.

  26. Fuckboy enjoys rocket-math tcgs, but gwent is hard for him…
    Maybe its because its russian and mcamericans hate russia…

    Except its not russian!!!

    And kid really boasts tit-games!!!!

  27. duelyst were great until they added, cosmetics, rng , chests and other bs

  28. I wish hand of the gods poped off it was so fun 😭

  29. There's a new thing called clash mini
    WIP by supercell

  30. i feel like, especially with card games and mmorpgs, players don't want to focus on and learn multiple at the same time
    card games are all very much different from another. do you really wanna try and master a lot of them? probably not
    they usually just stick with 1-2 and that's it

  31. How you describe ccg's are so barebones meak and disgusting, ccg's can be good I genuanly think that some are offensive with monetization like hearthstone and mtg arena, please give some of them a try, finding the one you like will be hard give Elder scrolls legends a go and Legends of Runeterra. Also Gwent has shown that it is possible Masterpiece

  32. PVZ heroes is honestly fine for f2p (which is shocking given that its EA)

  33. I mean, I get your dislike to monetary systems and all that, but booster packs? They've been pretty much a part of the genre since its existence. And we're not talking digital CCGs here, I mean MtG – the grandfather of every TCG out there – had the concept of booster packs. I can see why it is called gambling, because it kinda is gambling, but I actually love to open booster packs. I don't buy them with real money, if I can play to get them. I just like to open them and so on. This moment when get the card you needed is amazing. I encourage other ways to get cards, but I wouldn't call a Card Game bad, just because it has boosters in it…its kinda rooted in the genre itself

  34. does anyone know a card monster game that starts with a k or q i think and like at the beggining you can chose to be fire with a demon man, water with these weird squid men or nature and dark with other little men and i used to play it when i was younger but IM HAVING A TERRIBLE TIME CAUSE I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME AND NO ONE HAS HEARD OF IT

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