Top Roughly 10 Potentially Pocket Board and Card Games -

Top Roughly 10 Potentially Pocket Board and Card Games

Lucas Gentry
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Several of my favorite board or card games that are roughly pocket-sized.

Quick List, in no particular order of favorites:

Friday – 00:00:15

Hive Pocket – 00:03:14

Mint Works – 00:06:25

Star Realms – 00:09:59

Hero Realms
(Can’t find this available as of 12/26/20, but here is a bundle that includes it — )

Star Realms Frontiers

My Replacement Score Cards for Star Realms —

Sprawlopolis / Circle the Wagons – 00:17:58

Sprawlopolis Playthrough –

Palm Island – 00:23:39

No Thanks – 00:30:26

Blood of an Englishman – 00:35:26

Mr. Jack Pocket – 00:39:23

Love Letter – 00:45:52


  1. I watch these to judge people. You have good taste, sir. Good video.

  2. Wow, great job! You sold me on every game I didn't already have on this list… In Mr Jack Pocket I think you might be missing the rule that tiles get turned at the start so that none of the detectives get to see anyone. It's much more evenly matched that way… Other pocket-sized games I highly recommend are Omen: A Reign of War (old Small Box Games edition), Hanabi, and Iron Man 2: Game of War (or its ancestor, Star Wars: Clash of the Lightsabers).

  3. I appreciate your posting your picks. I’ve purchased Friday, Hive, and Sprawlopolis after watching your video.

  4. I have Pocket Mars and The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction. Both pocket size.

  5. Subscribed right away! Very nice game presentation style 👍

  6. Great descriptive but to the point video. I think I'll be checking out Mr. Jack Pocket.

  7. Just play friday with the app and it'll be easy portable. Great game

  8. Great list! Other pocketable games to consider:

    – Coup
    – One Night Ultimate Werewolf
    – The Mind
    – Coloretto
    – Sushi Go
    – Innovation
    – Cockroach Poker (never played but it is often recommended)
    – Onitama (you'll have to make your own set)

    Some, though portable like Friday, will have to be PnP and cut down in order to actually fit in a pocket.

  9. Thanks for The Blood of an Englishman recommendation. I really dig the art style and how it works. Will ask my local game store if they can order it.

  10. Thank you for an awesome video! 😀 good recommendations and interesting information! I like the way you made comparisons of Star Realm releases.

  11. I pnpd these – sprawlopolis, mint works and palm island- and there is a tuck box variant of Friday as well so it is portable.
    All lovely games.

  12. Best to make a cardboard holder for palm island. Played it about 30-40 times and it has unlockables!

  13. Hive Pocket has a space in my bag when it's nice weather to go on a walk and gets played when we stop to drink/eat something.
    My copy of Palm Island is currently in transit to my mailbox 🙂
    Friday sees some play, but when I'm gonna go for a solo game in this genre, I choose Robinson Crusoe these days.
    Mint Works was something I backed, but got lost in transit… 🙁
    And Hero Realms is still one of my favorite games to play when we only have an hour or so!

    Might have to give Strawlopolis and a shot after watching this! (and perhaps buy Mint Works for a second time)

  14. Reallyenjoyed the video and the pace!

  15. Loved this video since I've really got into mini games recently. I have and love Friday, mint works and sprawlopolis and am awaiting circle of wagons. Have hive but have only played app. Will have to check out the others. Like the look of Mr jack pocket. Had seen it instore but never seen it played. Great run-throughs! Had love letter but eventually got rid of it. I am loving Orchard and got nine tiles panic which the whole family love. Citadels, fox in the forest, railroad ink and arboretum other great small games I love. Also have tybor the builder of oh my goods family, valley of kings and mottainai so keen to try those but trying to explain the latter to my wife stops me from breaking that out!

  16. I had Mint Delivery for a few plays, but the wife and I gave it to a family that needed some games. It was cute and enjoyable.

  17. Hey Lucas, thanks for the video :)! Seeya on the channel 🙂

  18. Great video! Because of you I bought Friday and I am so happy with the purchase of this game. I really like it and I want to thank you for mentioning the game in this video

  19. does anyone know of any games like classic playing cards ( 4 suits type ) in regards to how many very different games you can play with only one deck, eg. cheat, chase the ace, pontoon, 11's, rummy, fish, ect. ect. i love how you can do this but obviously basically no theme at all for it, if you know of any games to fit this please recommend, if not … i think the first people to make them will have many sales.
    N.B doesn't have to be just card games if you have other good recommendations. thank you.

  20. Hey man I made a new card game with a few other guys we have over 4000 cards I was wondering if you would show it on your channel

  21. Made a lot of heavier games lately that fit in your pocket and those are free. Tiny Tokaido is absolutely brilliant.

    For solo there is under falling skies.

  22. Cool I was looking for solo dungeon crawlers but you gave me more options for my upcoming trip.

  23. No thanks! Actually looks pretty fun!
    Now if only I could get a third person to come over and play…….. Lol

  24. You forgot the 2 series of Perplext Pack O Games that ,look like gum packs with 3-letter names.

  25. Thanks for this list! Just bought Hive and I can't wait to play it!

  26. BTW You have a great, very dramatic voice. I thought Jack Nicholson was teaching me the game.

  27. And here I just carry a regular Spanish deck and some dice.

  28. Must be men's pockets xD But in all seriousness wonderful and super helpful video! Thank you!

  29. I like your channel, now I know ways to play solo because nobody wants to play with me c:

  30. Great video, good variety, I know and own many of these but you make me discover some, thank's

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