Trading Pokemon Cards TO FANS From This Binder! -

Trading Pokemon Cards TO FANS From This Binder!

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Bringing my Pokemon card binder to a local game shop to do Pokemon trading with fans! My goal is to take my Pokemon trade binder and find cards for a complete set and help others at the same time. Pokemon card opening at the end to see what ultra rares we can pull!
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(Please Note I currently DO NOT do trades through the mail and it does take me awhile to go through mail due to the volume. Trying my best, thank you for your patience)

Hey I’m RealBreakingNate and I simply love to spread positivity through my Pokemon videos as I do a Pokemon opening with Pokemon cards, share my collection and my day to day life with you all. When you are on this Pokemon channel I always encourage you all to be yourself. Lets enjoy life!

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  1. I wish i could trade with you but im in macoj 🙁

  2. Where is that located cause all I have is a chespin

  3. If you have neon and you too I’m gonna trade for it right now I’ll show you all my hunter Pokémon‘s

  4. Hi breaking nate I'm like a full art trainer collecter but I don't have many so I live in Africa so there you Get no full art trainers if you have any doubles can you ship them to me pls

  5. I need an espeon xd (Ps I'm trying to complete an eeveelution set and I just need AN ESPEON Xd)

  6. why did you give a vstar for a energy? i am not mad gust ceries

  7. Can some of y'all tell me a near shop to trade in Chicago shammburg

  8. Can you come to Penrith to trade with me please because

  9. Come to my house I will trade you a Pokémon🎉❤❤❤

  10. I have a char zard it’s also a Pokémon v

  11. Evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv❤

  12. I have 2011 championship cards in my collection and I would love to trade

  13. I have the machamp gx and the snorlax gx and
    finally the scoop up net that is a trainer rare
    And thank you for giving people Pokémon I
    Appreciate it Once again thank you

  14. I need some advice where I can trade some pokemon cards in Los Angeles

  15. where is the place that I can go trading with my pokemon cards???

  16. Man l am in Love with your videos can you ship me a Pokemon binder and 190 different Pokemon packs because I am subscriber and also followed insta and Facebook the boys will give you 8mlion like

  17. Please become pokemon card at least isang 100 na pokemon cards time

  18. I wish I could trade with you because I have a phyduck

  19. mabiy ihav som carods 😊😊😊😊

  20. he scammed the guy with the lillie's full force!

  21. i have M recwasa
    not a flex but its 108 in the world

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