Trail Seeker: The Card Game! VIDEO GUIDE -

Trail Seeker: The Card Game! VIDEO GUIDE

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I made a card game. You can preorder the specialized cards here:


  1. So it’s like yugioh but with different rules? Got it

  2. oh great i love card games they are big on my family

  3. Can you, in theory, play Trail Seeker with a standard playing card deck?

  4. well thats kinda lame its just a normal card deck with a pretty basic ruleset highly reminiscent of various pre-existing games… + some little special rules…sorry Logan love you but I'm kind of disappointed with this one, whatever the card game isn't why i bought it anyway… shrug

  5. I'm totally gonna try to use this in Savage Worlds, it would make a really neat way to vary up Chases, or maybe even mid-sized army battles or sieges in the abstract.

  6. Runesmith is a "5e" channel, but he makes a game called "Trail Seeker". A Trail is a Path, and Seeker is synonymous with "Finder". Trail Seeker? More like Pathfinder! Runesmith has confirmed that Pathfinder is better than 5e!
    ((This is a joke, do not take it seriously))

  7. This is freaking awesome who doesn't have a deck of cards and with this video can play rn!

  8. So how do you do it with 8 players. Do they each get 1 of the 4

  9. Gosh in so excited. I just need this content delivered soon

  10. Can a player discard a card thats been affected by a power?

  11. So the old lady and the seeker have no win condition?

  12. What do you do if you get two of the same color and number ?

  13. Seems fun, are you able to by the card game without the whole shabang?

  14. Is The Seeker stuck with the trail they chose to outdo a character in, or is The Seeker allowed to swap to a different trail? I presume the former, but I wanted to check.

  15. Man I am just getting more and more excited for seekers guide. Love everything about it from the game to the art and hidden lore. I can't wait

  16. So in a game with the seeker, one of the normies, and the old lady, the old lady and the seeker have the same goal? It’s also rather unfortunate that the abilities of the two normies are likely to help, rather than hinder the old lady and the seeker, since it makes a card their color and therefore makes it easier to follow their trail

  17. Can a standard deck of playing cards be used or do you need the special ones?

  18. One question does the seeker's trail have to be monochrome like red or black or can it be a mix

  19. Please, I still haven’t recover financially from Stibbles

  20. I wouldn't mind seeing a game of Trail Seeker on the channel just to make it extra clear! Is that something do-able in the future?

  21. ok so how do you know when a trail is done? I saw some trails that went like king's corners which is 10-ace and another that went 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I'm still confused on how that works.

  22. Sheeeeeeeet! now i kinda wanna play the game…..and buy it to play the game :3

  23. It sounds like old lady is just the best one, unless you want to play strange then seeker sounds good but less consistent

  24. It's a very interesting game, but I can't help but wonder: in the case of the medieval fantasy people whose only method of learning of this game and all its rules is by word of mouth from random drunken travelers, would it ever actually catch on? And if so, how long until the rules get totally bastardized to heck and back? I give it about a week in fantasy-time (which is at least presumably somewhat similar to real time)

  25. It looks quite interesting and amusing. Though I have a question: The Wildaback and the Tavern Keeper have both powers to change a color of a card for an enemy; is this simple luck if you can hinder this person or do you get some kind of hint if your card could be usefull there?

  26. Wildaback & Larry just doing their own thing
    Old Lady & Seeker: "And we took that personally"

  27. So if im happily building my trail as Larry and make quite good progress…. then the seeker steals my trail, how can I come back from that? The wildaback is now so far ahead? 1 move from the seeker just wrecks me that hard and I had no input in that interaction?… or am i missing something?

  28. 1) how does redrawing cards at the beginning work? Are they dealt again, or does the player get to choose, etc
    2) do players only get to see their own hands, or are all hands visible to everyone at the table?

  29. wait, so. first of all, first time seing this game so still a bit confused, but… if a witch and a seeker go 1v1, how does the witch win exactly? because the seeker can take her goal which is to curse her, but cannot be cursed because of not having a fixed goal. this is so confusing

  30. Wait a minute… This is just Caravan from Fallout New Vegas!

  31. It seems like you need two decks if you play with 4 people. Does this mean you get the extra face cards?

  32. Sometimes I'm forgetting how much effort developers for card/tabletop games must go through.
    Myself I'm trying to create simple dice game for my D&D games and it still a nightmare. 😀

  33. Why not just upload a video of you and Jacob playing the game? Would be more entertaining than this explanation video, and might help people who still have questions on the rules like a few people below me in the comments. Just a thought.

  34. Isn't the seeker just markedly weaker than the others?

  35. Seeker looks kinda bitchy in that art, or is it just me?

  36. If the seeker switches a black trail with a red trail, like he took the wildaback's trail with his joker, does the wildaback just keep on building black on the red trail? Does the seeker continue in his old color or in the new trail's color?
    If he takes the old lady's trail, does he take just a half trail and leaves the other one alone?

  37. 0:46 Why does it look like that old lady on the card is smugly smiling at me while brandishing a green buttplug?

  38. Can you make a video on Path of the Beast barbarians please?

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