Trump and Biden Play an Anime Card Game -

Trump and Biden Play an Anime Card Game

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden play Shadowverse CCG, a digital anime card battler game.

The voices are generated by AI – sadly, I didn’t record their real duel.

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  1. Rip that weather baloon, it was just trying to find decklists.

  2. You know the Igni difference be strong when presidents be using it to battle

  3. Wait, Donald missplayed with cutthroat's enhance effect. if he cleared the ward with it and had any other rush follower, he would have won 🤣

  4. Best piece of shadowverse content ever, hands down

  5. Cant wait for the next presidential debate when they play Shadowverse and you are the caster. Stuff goes crazy 😀

  6. As a British guy, what In American SV I'd going on?

  7. That's the most coherent I've ever heard Joe.

  8. Already watching this for more than 30 times and still funny🤣

  9. Yellow shell did it first, and no one else. I am unsapacaribing.

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