TRUMP PLAYS ETERNAL! Another Great Card Game? -

TRUMP PLAYS ETERNAL! Another Great Card Game?

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  1. The only problem this game has is that matches lot of times becomes a stalemate, both players full board and none attacks, otherwise is great.

  2. This channel basically turned from a decent hs¬gameplay channel to an ad channel.

  3. I LOVE the variety of games you have been playing lately hope you keep getting these sponsors 😀

  4. I play so many great ccg man,play warhammer champions ,play pathfinder,waiting on keyforge for real,magic arena just came out,SolForge is alright ,so now there’s a lotr card game as well,never heard of this eternal though,keyforge is going to be nice,it doesn’t have packs the decks r already complete once u open em,that and one deck is never the same as any others,this is crazy I didn’t know trump and krip ever even knew anything about magic lol,it just sounds weird hearing em say something about magic,there r a ton of these free fantasy ccg they r no different than the last ,nothing new really ,can be fun I guess though,of course hearthstone started it all here lol

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the game try matchmaking you based on your rank, which is only increased at the end of the draft run? So the first draft will get you always matched with easier opponents.

  6. This is the BEST F2P card game out there! With a bit of playing, you can get tier 1 decks no problem! If you want an invite with a free deck, I can also give you a referral link.

  7. FINALLY! I've been waiting for you to play this for YEARS. Also, why does it say Heroes of the Storm is in this? Lol.

  8. If you like Magic, but want some more fun, online game only, effects, you'll love Eternal! I honestly think the game is better than Hearthstone. Give it a try! It's also very easy to play without paying.

  9. This game is probably the best ccg online out there.

  10. This video got me to try Eternal out. It is so much fun! I am an ex-MtG player and am still a Hearthstone player, but it satisfies something the other two did not. Particularly with the deckbuilding. Also, it is extremely ftp friendly. I have seen some comments bemoaning not being able to reach the highest versus ranks as a ftp player, but everything I have seen from the more veteran players is that you can legitimately grind out completely viable decks without issue or cash money.

    Thanks Trump; I hope you do more Eternal content soon!

  11. that is some bad sjw and feminist character design
    give me sexy stuff or I am not gonna play your game

  12. Uh… This is just mtg… After a while it really starts to all feel the same.
    You have your 3 mana draw 2, your 2 mana 2/2…

  13. Trump just accidentally made himself a Haunting scream player.

  14. Yeah I watch Hearthstone, but I play Eternal

    It's way more generous to ftp players

  15. Trump shilling for my other favorite CCG other than HS! Pogged champion, as the youngsters say! Pogged champion indeed!

  16. Make a video playing Magic Arena! It's free and it's cool!

  17. Looks like a good card game but the art style is very generic and uncool just like Hearthstone (by the looks of it, Artifact will be similar too). I like the art style of Gwent which is more mature looking and dark and pretty much every card looks cool and amazing. I know many people dont care about how the cards look as long as the mechanics are good in a card game but I still like it when cards are beautifully drawn. Anyway, it is good that we have a good amount of choices now when it comes to online card games.

  18. I am always hyped for new card games, but unfortunately they all seem to devolve into rushmetas, wasting your awesome battlecry effect because I NEED THAT 2/2 ON THE BOARD. Card games should be strategic, make you think and not a race on whoever topdecks the most cheap minions/who goes first. I will check this otu though 🙂

  19. lifesteal paladin(forgot name) and that green mantle weapon (also forgot name) is op op

  20. I hope you actually pick this game up. Honestly when it comes to card games you are my favorite card game youtuber and I just started playing this one. Hearthstone got old and frankly too expensive/time consuming.

  21. Please play the game. I guarantee you that it is fun. Better than hearthstone and magix

  22. still Shadowverse is the best CCG in the world

  23. Finally that Trump tries this game 🙂 It is good 🙂

  24. More Eternal please! It deserves so much love 😭

  25. It's like magic without wall of text cards and 25 years of feature creep. And the game basically throws free cards at you.

  26. Add me ill send you my best top Tier Decks 😉

  27. Good trump and Kripp made videos ,I love it

  28. It's a really good game. Deserves as much recognition as HS imo.

    For anyone starting out… basically its the same as Hearthstone, only instead of choosing where your attacks go, you choose which minions/units you attack with, and your opponent can choose to block any they wish.

    This means games don't end as much on turn 4 or 5 because if you've built your deck right you will have enough units (minions) to put out to match your opponent. SO say you have a 4 5 unit… and your opponent has a 5 6 unit and a 3 4 unit… naturally if they attack with both – you will rather choose to block the lower one, killing it.

    Also, another minor change is when building your deck you include your mana… a 1/3rd of your deck will be mana cards, so choose them wisely and make them match the ratio of your colour of deck.

    There are still spells like Hearthstone, only there is the inclusion of FAST spells, which basically means you can save mana on your turn, and that means you get to use the fast spell during your opponents turn… either to improve the health/attack of one of your units, orrrr use them as removal or some kind of sneaky counter play.

    It definitely has a lot more elements to it than hearthstone.

    If you give it 10 games or so, you will begin to get the gist of it. Games only last usually 10-15 mins the same as Hearthstone, but of course if you want to learn even more you could always try Campaign mode first… where you can also unlock cards along the way as rewards. Speaking of rewards – they are a lot more giving than hearthstone. The dusting mechanism is the same cost near enough, only you get a pack once a day on Eternal.

    All round its better… it just doesnt probably have the budget for all the PR hearthstone has…

    Hope this helped. Try it out.

    Feel free to add me on it.
    "Eternal Servitude"


  29. whats the reason to use different colors? do you gimp yourself to stay all red for example?

  30. Waitwaitwait, since when was this video made. Damn. Sucks I didn't find it sooner.

  31. Super fair games like this are blessing after drm infested Heartstone and 99 percent of online ccgs out there…

  32. "Berserk, so it must attack"
    No, Trump, that's Reckless.
    20:15 Trump, no, that might kill you.

  33. Wow trump you has play lots of cards game!
    I only see the video of Hearthstone and eternal!

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