trying to explain why you're upset about a card game -

trying to explain why you’re upset about a card game

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#sponsored Marvel Snap Global launch was on October 18th so you can download the game right now using this link:

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  1. This has gotta be the best advertisement for a mobile card game I've ever seen. I want to play this now.

  2. Why are we advertising Marvel Snap instead of the game he played in the video? Seems like a conflict of interest

    Anyway I have to go wager some cheese cubes to maintain my ranking on the Mooniverse leader board, later all

  3. That psp is putting in some work, who says old hardware cant be useful?

  4. Pokemon TCG has these "V cards" and you have no idea how it is when you are talking to someone about them just for another person to suddenly pay attention at "V card".

  5. Congrats!
    Made me want to play Marvel Snap even before I knew it was an ad for that

  6. When are you gonna make this an actual card game

  7. as a marvel snap player this incredibly accurate like the enemy plays 1 card in the entire game that he could have used to win and its just pain

  8. I gave Marvel Snap a shot and I’m just not a big fan of it. All card games involve RNG but Snap feels like they kicked the RNG up to 11.

    On top of that the gameplay just feels too simplistic for my tastes. That’s not inherently a bad thing, it was made to be more approachable than even Hearthstone but it doesn’t appeal to me personally.

  9. I really want a cow themed card game made by ProZD

  10. Forget those Marvel Cards! I wanna know if you're planning to sell those bovine playing cards on the REAL online market!

  11. I’m actually interested in the card game he was playing moreover than the one he was advertising for!! 😂

  12. I’d honestly play a cow card game made by proz

  13. This reminds me of playing Machikoro…I just wanted that dang tuna boat T_T

  14. I've been playing Marvel Snap nonstop, and whenever someone has a play that seems like it never stops I think of your old MTG video where the play is overkill and never ends.

  15. Will the Cow card game become a real thing
    i cant be the only one wanting to play the Big Gun or Black cheese chakra

  16. At this point he may as well publish the cow card game, people would eat it up like hotcakes

  17. I was thinking "well, someone has been playing Snap…" AND THEN ALONG CAME THE SPONSOR

  18. I would love to play cow cards with prozd unironically

  19. A few years ago I wouldn’t have known what’s going on. Now I even know what game the cubes come from, Century.

  20. absolutely masterful writing, teaching us the mechanics of this cow card game and getting us invested by conveying the stakes, while also setting up the next scene of zooming out to show how ridiculous it sounds to an outsider, perfectly conveying this relatable feeling of having a weird hobby that’s hard to explain BY SUCCESSFULLY INTRODUCING THE VIEWER TO AN ORIGINAL ONE in a literal MINUTE

  21. you can't just get our hopes up with a perfect card game, then try to promote a lesser one

  22. you're playing a card game that has randomness? Jesus

  23. When he playing his wife part it's feels like he have two wives XD

  24. Everything is fine until your opponent plays a Shang-Moo on your Devil Cow and wins.

  25. Mine players when the opponent draws the out

  26. I'm a simple dude. I see a PS Vita, I give a "Thumbs up".

  27. Thought it was Smash Up but notice soon it was Snap. Good game

  28. You just got to explain how hard it is to get a Grandmaster Galactose ranking. Then your wife will understand.

  29. I love how it doesn't matter the game, sungwon will still play a cow deck

  30. Can he please make the Cow Card game so we can buy it?? 😂 🐮 🧀 I would totally buy it to support him.

    (Yeah, I know that the Cow Card games reference or are similar to other games, but I would just love his awesome Cow versions, hahaha!!)

  31. We really need a defictionalized version of this cowrd game.

  32. The hesitation before saying "Mooniverse" is gold.

  33. I really hope this becomes a card game at some point 🧍

  34. Why do I feel like he's actually had this conversation?

  35. It's a pretty solid app, though the mid-game has me feeling irked right now. I'm at the point where chests are no longer GUARANTEED to have cards, so when I DO get a new one, and it doesn't work with anything I already have, it's painful. The card list is finite and you can't open dupes, so I know it'll balance eventually, but until then…

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