Super Mega Grafx 64
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Never released in North America, The Arcade System Card adds a tremendous amount of additional memory to The PC Engine CD and Duo consoles. This allowed for some really amazing graphics and arcade ports that were on a whole new level for 16 bit systems. Let’s take a look at some of the hardware and games.

Super Mega Grafx 64 – Retro video game videos and live streams.


  1. Its pretty amazing to see excellent SNK conversion with just almost the same Nes 8bit processor.And looks SNK got maior respect to HUDSON Soft, that company was something like the beginning of many programmers.Its a shame Capcom didnt released a full from the scratch SSF2 and Final Fight for PC ENGINE with Arcade Card, undoubtly would been the best conversion for a mile.

  2. You finally clarified what I've been looking for some time, the difference between the different Cards and the versions of pce.


  3. When can we expect a five hour TG16 video? My body is ready!

  4. It's a shame this system didn't do well in the United States, it has a lot of good games!

  5. I had the turbo-duo and the arcade card. I was playing World Heroes, Strider and Fatal Fury. They were truly amazing to play back in the 90's. Turbo-duo was my favorite 16 bit system. Totally under rated.

  6. credit card is the ram…. well i never knew that. weird old system the pc engine , i remember when it came to the uk it was just too weird for us amiga guys..

  7. It's incredible how they stretched a console that launched to compete with the NES.

  8. Audio not synchronized 23:00. I assume the game is fine and the editing was just off?

  9. Original pc engine had a headphone connection and the board was military spec, just the capacitors need changing as they were faulty from factory? Everything else is actually the same you will find

  10. I keep not getting an SSDS3 because I have a gaming PC I can emulate with, but still haven't ever played on OG Hardware really. I wish Everdrive would make a version, especially without HDMI and just use MD2 Comp cables or VGA or something. The SSDHD3 or whatever is a needless jump in price for me personally, as much as I love raw digital signal.

  11. Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling is known by its english international name New Japan Pro Wrestling, they never referred to it at American companies like WWE/WCW/TNA/AEW as Shin Nihon, NJPW been around since 1972 so about 20+ yrs when that game came out.

  12. Wild Pegasus was Chris Benoit , Power Warrior was a japanese guy exclusive that team with Hawk, never worked for american companies the Road warriors were in WWE/WCW/AWA

  13. the scaling effect on Art of Fighting they just change aspect ratio

  14. surprised for a japanese game Mai didnt have her bouncv breasts lol

  15. Did you know that Mortal Kombat was supposed to be a TG-16 exclusive? TTi decided not to pay the royalties to obtain the rights to an "unknown entity." This was after the arcade version hit and exploded across the United States. I honestly believe had TTi taken the chance and if the port was solid it could have really taken a chunk out of the Genesis's market share. It could have been that killer app they needed at the right time. I would have gotten a TurbDuo just to play it especially if it was an exclusive.

  16. @ Daniel Porter
    The original Pc-Engine did not have a 3.5 mm audio jack. And if you needed stereo sound, outside of modding or tapping the expansion port pins with a custom cable, you had to get an AV Booster, Turbo Booster, TG-CD, or buy the IFU-30. The later Pc-Engine Duo and TurboDuo however did. Also, the pcb was not "military spec". NEC used the same materials, non-substrate materials with layers of copper, in its circuit board construction that everyone else was using that was standard at that time. The capacitor issue you mentioned was due to the surface mount caps used in the PCE Duo, and TurboDuo, along with the Express handheld, and Super CD Rom 2 add-on released for the Core Grafx/SuperGrafx.

    Basically they started to break down after about 9-12 years and go bad. The initial tell tell signs of this for the consoles was the cd audio being too low to hear well, or gone completely. The leakage would also damage the solder pads and copper traces. Recapping the systems would tend to also require you to re-calibrate the laser assembly. Which if you have no idea how to do this, it can be very painstaking, as disc rotation and read ability changes as the laser moves from center of disc to edge of disc while also having to compensate for disc wobble as the disc spins. The best tools I could even recommend for calibrating are Valis 4, as the game has a test mode for loading story scenes/music etc, which would help you test for audio sync issues and other read problems, and also using a audio cd that maxes out closer to the 79 min mark. Something like the Return of the Jedi 2-disc soundtrack set is what I would use. You would basically know you got the laser locked in well if you could play through the cd's without skipping, and did not have any load/audio skipping/syncing issues on Valis 4.

    And in a bit of irony given this videos content, it was not ideal to use Arcade Card titles for calibration. The way PCE/TG CD/Duo read off compact disc, the error correction was not efficient. This is why you will notice sometimes that it takes a little longer then normal to load something on this system. Basically it will get a mis-read and just start off from scratch and do it all again. Which translates to like watching that load bar on Art of Fighting get to near the end, then you getting a mis-read, and the laser assembly gets directed to just read off the entire section of data again. This does not signal a actual problem with the laser per say. Just that you are reading data off disc and not getting the benefits that some of the error correction commonly found in other cd based systems and cd players from that time had that would prevent this. So if the disc also had minor problems introduced during pressing, this can exacerbate things and cause more read errors then normal.

    This kind of issue was present also in the NeoGeo CD, but in a more extreme case of everything being fine until you specifically got a pressed disc that had some minor flaw, like Double Dragon. A vast majority of this disc that got pressed had minor flaws that needed error correction to read through, that basically caused it to not load at all at startup on a actual NeoGeo CD laser assembly.

  17. Can you still use the regular non Duo Arcade Card/s to store save data of older CD's that don't require the Arcade Card? Cheers 😊

  18. Why wouldn’t they change the version number for the arcade card? 🤦‍♂️🤣

  19. Wow! looks like don't play SHUMPS so much jeje.

  20. I have a big doubt, please qial someone help me.
    I own a Japanese Mad Stalker, sealed mint.
    Is the orange color of the obi on the side of the jewel case, with the Arcade Cd Rom inscription, slightly lighter than the color of other games with the orange Arcade Cd Rom obi?Or mine is slightly faded?
    Can someone please check?

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