Turning Pokémon Cards Into a Six Figure Income | Side Hustles - c4gamingstudio.com

Turning Pokémon Cards Into a Six Figure Income | Side Hustles

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Brian and Andrea are a married couple in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s a secretary at a real estate company, and she’s a 6th grade teacher. But on the side, Brian and Andrea run a Japanese Pokemon card business with a big following and an even bigger payoff.

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  1. Try doing that in China. 😅😂don’t think so. This is why America is the greatest country. It has its flaws but my goodness you can do anything here if you have the determination to do so

  2. Legend. Humble, smart, kind, and works hard.

  3. really they called the "Gentlie"? they don't even use charizards as an unit of measurement, so they probably don't trade in pokemon cards like some of the obsessed kids. but smart move to have an safe lol

  4. I'll give you some crazy rares for some 4k rares of her feet

  5. not exactly a good business model if they guy is still working a main job.

  6. I turned Pokemon Cards into a five figure "outcome" , does that count for something…?

  7. Very disappointed at his reaction to the shiny zard at the end

  8. I feel sorry for these 2 now that the boom is done.

  9. The Japanese suppliers eerie premonition came true. Today(October 21st, 2022) it's a buyers market.

  10. did they actually think they looked cool in that hot tub shot? 😂😂

  11. Bro that shot with boosters instead of cash and the ciggy ❤

  12. Why not he sell the wizard coast era of Pokémon cards. Like selling expedition set

  13. Security in a Pikachu outfit!!!! Thats probably the most badass thing I have ever seen.

  14. All that money and seemingly cant afford shoes??

  15. The way she holds him while he talks his business, little envious not gonna lie

  16. That's not a very nice place to live in if you need that much security… Why not just get an office or something?

  17. 3:23 now I know they’re full of BS, Marnie isn’t in dream league lmao. Also crazy how a lot of vintage elitists back then said S&M nor any modern wasn’t investable but look whose laughing now.

  18. Lmaoooo the retired cop in the Pikachu costume "I am making sure nothing happens". You know he has to have a taser for the costume effects.

  19. douchebag. You can tell she really is kinda embarrassed by her bf

  20. I hope someone robs them and then redistributes their cards to kids, Japanese or not.

  21. I wonder how well it's doing now that nobody is throwing around government/ppp/Cvd money

  22. Once the western greed spreads through the world . The inflation and world will crash. Gluttony the western deadly sin.

  23. Who knows what the best packs are to buy that are on the market besides buying like super expensive specific boxes that are preset
    cuz I'm not ready to waste no 300 or 500 1000 15,000 on a few packs or even a box

  24. Plot twist after this video they were held and robbed at gunpoint for everything in there safe 😭😂

  25. if you have millions of dollars in pokémon stuff and you only spent $2,500 on your security you're retarded that is not a lot of money at all that is something that an average person that is not doing anything whatsoever would get your type of security system you need like a $10,000 one $15,000

  26. A year later the market still hasn't crashed

  27. i mean with all the pollution; plastic in everything and alot of drug babies their is going to be alot of autism to make money off of in these up coming years

  28. Not even in business anymore imagine that.

  29. Love to think 18 or 19 years ago I have a complete Base I set, and I sell it for U$200 to buy some heavy metal albums.

  30. These fuckin weirdos are the reason Pokémon cards are sold out of high security vending machines now lmao

  31. Yeah nobody's buying s*** right now or they want it for dirt cheap and I understand rather just keep my product till things get a little better

  32. Says he doesn't take cards away from kids in the USA but he does take cards away from kids in Japan. LMAO!

  33. I wonder if this could be apllied to yugioh…


  35. Lol the window protection for that Pokémon room you can break in with a plastic chair

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  37. They're supposed to be running the business from a PO Box so customers don't know where you live. Congratulations on all your success!

  38. any idea of the japanese reseller ? i'm from france and search for this guy

  39. Everyone should stop commenting what these people should be doing! Looks like they’re very successful in their business so you should be taking notes instead of hating just to have a voice !

  40. Isn't selling sealed product literally illegal?

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