Turning Pokémon Cards Into a Six Figure Income | Side Hustles - c4gamingstudio.com

Turning Pokémon Cards Into a Six Figure Income | Side Hustles

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Brian and Andrea are a married couple in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s a secretary at a real estate company, and she’s a 6th grade teacher. But on the side, Brian and Andrea run a Japanese Pokemon card business with a big following and an even bigger payoff.

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  1. It aint gonna happen if you canoe cigars like that

  2. Imagine Pikachu busting your ass for stealing and handcuffing you. Pokemon Gotta arrest'em allllll!! Lol

  3. Only in America can you be afraid of someone pulling a gun on you at a target for pokemon cards lol wtf. Thank god i live in Australia 😆

  4. Haven't played/faced anyone in a YU-GI-OH duel in what feels like forever but somehow I feel like I'll whoop this guys ass (In a duel…)💯

  5. Reminds me of my homie, lol. He’s going to 100% be robbed

  6. This is my dream! To share my love and passion for pokemon with people the money will come I'm already happy just trying to live my best life!

  7. This is exactly what I want to do here in my country.
    Sadly I don't have the funds to start something up like this.
    Good job guys, keep it up!

  8. I'm sorry but a door kick and cameras will not stop gunmen cutting through your timber home

  9. Pokémon gives kids the taste of gambling. Especially when people are talking about the resell value of cards they got in a pack

  10. Does anybody tell me how he was targeting the kids 🧐

  11. I’m impressed, you guys have done well for yourselves

  12. Very depressing to see my favorite childhood game turn into whatever this is.

  13. The money probably came from Niantic. Did yall see how Niantic bumped up the box prices again, recently!
    So much for a partially child game….. most kids can't afford most of these things on pokemon go, nor pokemon cards either.
    Heck, I'm I'm adult and found that it's a waste to even buy a bunch of coins to get remote raid passes. Because if an error occurs you loose the pass and don't technically get any of the benefits despite taking down the beast. This had happened to me 5 times this summer while playing remote raids!!! 😐 wasted money, time, pass, etc. Not to mention its upsetting to get into a battle ur pumped for and yall manage to take down the beast all for something crazy to occur and then you can't even proceed to even try to catch the pokemon because it errors out. Shmeh I spent probably a good total of 75-100$ this summer and had about 5 remote raid error fails. But Niantic profited out of it. So I can only imagine this is how they are able to pay out for pokemon cards

  14. But that's just an assumption, / an idea. Who knows how they really do it?!?!? I'd love to know

  15. He gets disability checks makes sense he made a side hustle doing this don't have to work a damn job but still does? 🙄

  16. Where are they now follow up episode? Bear market …

  17. How heinous was the last scene there in the hot tub :/

  18. 1 year later it’s probably a minimum wage income considering how easy it is to get product now lmaoo

  19. Now everyone going to try and do this now. lol

  20. bro that is crazy i have been buying my product from you guys since i found your site a few months ago!

  21. The profit margins are very small. This profession relies heavily on luck and good pulls. I'm happy for them but don't let them deceive you. Show me your accounting if you're really making a lot of money (profit)

  22. theory; this buissness covers theyre actual drug dealing bussness think about it

  23. Respec that he doesnt want to buy American cards

  24. i noticed they dont sell imported Japanese Poke monster cards anymore ..

  25. Kids these days can’t even enjoy the hobby well now they can since cards are in stock now

  26. pokemon profits ave rastically dropped since 2021

  27. This honestly breaks my heart. Part of the reason why cards cost so damn much is because of these douches.

  28. those arent fan they just see money nothing else yes you can sell them etc etc no shame on that but come on "fan" is a spesific word i could say i am a fan who collect vhs toys not many but i downlaod the episodes to watch them on sunday night or something but those arent fans for me i just see logan pauls knock off who wants money and again no shame on that

  29. Question from a german non PKM nerd 🙂
    How do you know what is written on the JPnese card?

  30. “I’m not taking anything from anyone with Japanese cards”

    Japanese children upon hearing this: 😰

  31. God Bless you both. Keep up the good work.

  32. This is why us normal people can't get pokemon cards

  33. Wife looking at her husband like TMI tax man is watching 👀

  34. Growing weed and selling cards. Best jobs ever

  35. Are you done come say I want to Ethan say you Yoppa

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