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Tutorial – How to play War of the Ring: The Card Game

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This video explains the rules of the War of the Ring: The Card Game using the “Fellowship of the Ring” Scenario. This tutorial is the fastest way to learn (or teach!) the rules of the game for new players. Think of this scenario as two-player tutorial for the game, preparing you with the basic mechanics of the game before you jump into the full game.

0:00 Introduction / Game overview
2:05 Cycling / Eliminating Cards
2:48 Location Step
4:00 Action step – playing cards
4:50 Combat – high level summary
6:24 Action step – card types (Character, Army, Event, Item)
10:40 playing cards to reserves
12:40 Winnowing
13:30 Combat Step – Details
16:23 Path scoring for Shadow Player (corruption)
20:00 Items stay with wielder
21:22 activating multiple battlegrounds or paths at the same time


  1. If you notice anything incorrect or missing, let me know and I'll add it to this pinned comment:- In battle, If a defensive army or character has more defense icons than you need to cancel out the remaining attack icons, you still must eliminate the card ("remainder" icons don't help!)

  2. wow, 19h ago, and I need the explaination for this evening! that's what I call a good timing 😁

  3. Feels like you run out of cards very quick tho, the first turns its more luck of the draw until you established some board in your reserve area

  4. Straight to the point, no shenanigans. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Thank you!

  5. Thanks for creating this. It was clear and concise.

  6. Phenomenally clear instructional video, well done and much appreciated!

  7. Wow, great video. Thank you for this 😌

  8. Solid video. Not pretentious, flashy or full of cheesy jokes. Much appreciated

  9. Thanks for the video. It taught me the game clearly and concisely. Made it easy to move on to the full rules afterwards.

  10. Great video! I'd just finished reading the rulebook and wanted a little supplement to reinforce all of the stuff I'd just read that wasn't 5 hours long. This did the trick perfectly! Thanks very much!

  11. Thank you! We played 4 player today and loved it

  12. A succint summary

    Game Objective:
    – Win by having a higher score than your opponent at the end of the game or by having a score that exceeds your opponent’s by 10 points during a victory check. (16:07)
    Game Setup:
    1. Select the Fellowship of the Ring scenario and prepare the decks for the Free People and Shadow players. (0:50)
    2. Choose the starting player according to the scenario instructions. (2:47)
    3. Activate the path and Battleground for the first round. (2:51)
    4. Draw seven cards, cycle two, and keep a hand of five cards. (2:09)
    Player Actions:
    Players alternate actions until both pass. You can only pass if the number of cards is equal or lower to the carryover limit or you have less than your opponents.
    1. Play a card from your hand to a path, Battleground, or Reserve area, paying the cost by cycling another card from your hand. (4:13)
    2. Use an action printed on a card, such as activating a special ability or moving a character from Reserve to a path or Battleground. (11:59)
    3. Winnow by eliminating two cards from your hand to draw one more. (12:43)
    4. Cycle a card from your hand if you have more cards than your carryover limit. (12:58)
    Combat Resolution:
    1. Compare the number of attack icons on the attacker’s cards to the number of defense icons on the defender’s cards and the path or Battleground. (4:57)
    2. Attacker’s cards are eliminated, while defender’s cards are either eliminated (if used) or cycled (if not used). (13:30)
    3. If the shadow player wins a path combat, surplus attack icons add additional corruption points. (16:23)
    4. Resolve multiple Battleground combats after all actions are completed. (21:59)
    5. After resolving the combat, draw as many cards as indicated in the scenario. Cards in reserve stay there.
    Additional Rules:
    – Items stay with their wielder when moving between Reserve, path, and Battleground. (20:00)
    – Alternate cost for playing a card: forsake (eliminate) a card from the top of your deck or from Reserves. (21:11)
    – Activating multiple paths or Battlegrounds at the same time is possible. (21:22)

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