Twins Play an Emotional Card Game (We’re Not Really Strangers) -

Twins Play an Emotional Card Game (We’re Not Really Strangers)

Niki and Gabi
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Opposite Twins Play an Emotional Card Game… we’re going to play the game “We’re Not Really Strangers” which has become super popular online, and this game makes you “not really strangers.” we have to answer super personal questions about each other. there’s 3 levels to the card game and each level gets more personal. let’s go

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  1. You guys seem to have way healthier and closer relationship and i love it!! They truly became their best selves <3

  2. Video idea: can u act like the kardashians for a day?! 🙂

  3. Niki telling we're like twin or something forgetting she is her twin🙂

  4. Sister bonding. Niki and Gabi have a strong bonding and are good sister’s. They have a good connection. ❤️

  5. You both are so adorable! I’m here after ages and I notice how as time pass by ya’ll both look more like Barbie dolls than humans, so insane!!

  6. Gabi is starting to look more like Niki 👀

  7. Y’all should totally play new phone who dis

  8. Do another style swap or twin swap credit cards video

  9. yall have u guys watched sam and cat on netflix cause sam looks like niki like twins and cat she looks jike gabby

  10. I would love to see you guys take the Myers Briggs test. Not the free one but the official one. I did this for a class recently (I am getting my masters to become a therapist) and it was so eye opening and cool to see. I would love to see how similar and/or different you guys are in this test!

  11. Niki, minute 7:57, what the fuck did I need to hear that much truth tonight damn 😂

  12. This video definitely got deep & I truly appreciate it so much ❤️‍🩹💟

  13. You guys should be named the “pretty twins” cause u are ❤️

  14. Wait Niki can you make a video about compartmentalizing… i could really use the tips lol

  15. The vibes in the video seem to genuine and unforced. Its so refreshing! Love yall <3

  16. There was 480 comments and I wanted to be the 481st

  17. niki and gabi absolutely despising hugging each other will never get old

  18. It’s crazy nikki favors Ariana more than GABI, and she doesn’t even try

  19. You need to update gabis link it doesn’t go to her page but your link works just fine.

  20. facing so cute first video girls so cute Nikki and gabi so excited for waiching videos first video upload for youtube sitll love this im fangirl first comment first upload this video best day nover bigttlet fan 💟🙌🏻

  21. I love Nikki and gabbi I sooo much! I love how far y’all come! Keep doing what you are doing!! ❤️💕💖

  22. Wait wait !! What happened to Colleen ? Him and Gabi broke up 🥺🧐. 💚

  23. You both should think about getting matching tattoos together 🥰😇😍

  24. Email us to cooperation,Our email is on Youtube-About. @Niki and Gabi😗😗🤩🤩😘😘

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