Two Budget Graphics Cards you *can actually buy in 2021 -

Two Budget Graphics Cards you *can actually buy in 2021

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Here are two budget graphics cards that cost below $200 that aren’t marked up in price, have availability, and propose a good value if you know what you’re looking for. In this video I benchmark, inspect, and conclude if grabbing one of these two cheap gpus is a good idea or not.

A Tik Tok that isn’t cringe:

0:00 – Have you guessed the cards yet?
0:24 – Introduction
1:30 – Unboxing the goods 😉
2:56 – Unveiling, pricing, and where I got them
4:22 – Ad
5:25 – Inspection
9:08 – Transition and disclaimer
10:02 – Benchmarks
11:44 – Conclusion


PSA: Hey hotshot, make sure you know what you’re looking for before clicking one of these links. Watch the whole video first, don’t go in blindly 👍
*PSA 2: Read pinned comment
Graphics Card Option #1:
Graphics Card Option #2:

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  1. I built a pc before pandemic, with a rx 580 8 gb, paid 180 euro, and its considered budget, when it can easly get high fps on ultra settings with lots of new games.
    Now rx 580 8 gb , is 780 to 880 euro here.

  2. Whos here looking at every market rn and seeing a triple price tag

  3. To think we'll have to scour the world just to get our hands on an affordable gpu.

  4. 2020-2021– gpu shortage….
    Almost every ‘tech’ youtuber, 5-6+ cards laying around.
    Sellers on ebay….the reason for the shortage lol

  5. I like how he calls it disgusting even though there’s a silicon shortage and the gtx 1650 ti runs almost every god damn game at medium settings 50 – 60 FPS

  6. i thought the Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti for $230 was good price

  7. I just want to build a pc to play FFXIV 😭😭😭 just a budget lil thang that lets me play my game i’ll worry about upgrading later.

  8. Watching this and then realise I already own 2 of them in my old rig lol

  9. This was super helpful also it's adorable how excited he is about the graphic card

  10. 580 8g for $165? Yes please I will take 100 to start.

  11. I dont think the rx will be future proof, so definitely would not recommend buying for personal use

  12. "You can actually buy these cards!"

    Scalpers: "Not if I have anything to say about it."

  13. These cards were less than $100 used in 2020

  14. GTX 1650 and 5500XT are not 200-300$ in where i live they are 1000$
    And btw the Rx 580 and 570 they cost 600-700$ used or new

  15. Try a gtx 750ti oc, runs fast, but only 2gb


  17. Does AMD have a tech similar to gamestream? I currently stream games from my gaming PC in my "data closet" to my Nvidia Shield in the living room using the Moonlight client, If I switch to AMD RX cards, could I still do that?

  18. My son and I are building his first PC… since we will have to wait for a decent GPU at a reasonable price to be available, we have decided to build with the Asus ROG Strix B550-F wi-fi board, and AMD Ryzen 5 5600g processor, and use the onboard graphics for now… at least he will have a usable computer for other tasks, and should be able to play some less demanding games, as well as a few newer ones at 1080p on reasonable settings while we save up and wait…. this spreads the cost of the PC build out into basically 2 chunks also. I believe we are shooting for the 10gb Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080 card, when the time is right…
    How good would the card need to be, to beat the onboard graphics on a 5600g ? WONDERING if a used 1660 or 20xx would be even worth getting in the meantime.

  19. What do you think about the same 580 4gb but in XFX brand ?

  20. Can someone please direct me to a video card that will support my 4096×2160 display, I only wish to use it specifically for Youtube in 4k and other streaming in 4k Thanks!

  21. No Matter where I look neither of them graphics are under $500 Australian the current price of graphics cards across the board is ridiculous I can't even find a decent second hand graphics card under $500 and here I was thinking that $500 was a moderate cap to set myself at the same graphics card I purchased 12 months ago for under $300 is now costing $690 luckily my processor has a built-in graphics card so I can still play some low end games at the moment without a graphics card but I want to get some half-decent imagery from games like American truck SIM and Euro truck simulator but at this point even getting a graphics card that is just able to play them is going to cost me over $500 and in most cases over $1000 I get that there is a chip shortage and all that but I also feel like the company's behind creating graphics cards and processes are just greedy pigs at the end of the day I could literally make my own graphics card for less around $200 Australian if I was to buy the individual parts from China and build it myself this is the option home very seriously considering at this point and time just wish I had all my old equipment then I wouldn't even have to buy from China I could create the whole thing myself graphics cards are surprisingly easy to build in my opinion and with the fact most graphics companies are using labour in Asian countries to keep the cost down and they put these high prices on their products it makes absolutely no sense to me sure there might be a chip shortage but there won't be for long so why does it Warrant everyone chucking their prices to heaven lol

  22. ITS 700$ RX 580 WHY EVERYONE MAKING VIDEO LIKE graphic card for 200$ AND THATS NOT 200 ITS 700

  23. i searched up 150 dollar gpu from amazon , and this shows cards from aliexpress

  24. In late October 2021 these graphics cards are insanely overpriced from $400-$600 I just cant believe it

  25. Every video: this was bought for under 200$…
    *looks it up
    “It’s over 500$” 🤦‍♂️

  26. These cards are close to 500 today on Ali lol

  27. still remember when i bought used gtx 1660 just for $89..guess im lucky

  28. I have a 12 year old system. Very lightly used.
    Core i7-860 2.8ghz stock
    GTX 260 OC by BFG
    8GB RAM 1333mhz ddr3
    600gb Seagate
    750w Ultra LSP

    Intel DH55HC motherboard

    What is good upgrades without replacing the whole system.


  29. I feel so lucky to have swapped my 2gb R9 380 for a 1650 a couple of years ago

  30. there only 400 pound now in a few months yay!!

  31. F, the prices got marked up. I can now get an rtx 3060 for cheaper.

  32. Got a 1650 for microcenter for 200 bucks. Hated spending that for that card but what are you going to do?

  33. *I bought both these cards in January, uploaded this video in early February, and now as of early March, both graphics cards have been marked up well over $200 from Aliexpress's sellers and I would not recommend any of them as of now.

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