UKGE Haul - 27 New Board Games - Board Game Buys - June 2023 -

UKGE Haul – 27 New Board Games – Board Game Buys – June 2023

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about all of the board games that I purchased at the UKGE 2023.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Wow, impressive haul! We picked up Ark Nova, Flamecraft, Barenpark and Project L. Currently working on a Flamecraft review!

  2. Elysium is really, really good! Look forward to your positive review!

  3. Yeah Black Friday! This is a great game!

  4. Ok which publisher gave you $7500 to be included in this list?

  5. Deck builders aren't really my thing, either, but Taverns of Tienfenthal is excellent. Finca is fun. Curious to hear your thoughts on Manilla. I've seen the East Company in stores. It looked a tad dry. I'll look forward to your thoughts on this one. Cuba, too.

  6. Wow! There are some really good buys here! I think you will really enjoy Elysium. It's drafting mechanic is spot on. Depending on which god decks you choose, you can avoid the "take that" aspect of the game. It's definitely medium light, but good. It's a shame that it never got any expansions though. Spicy is fine. It was one of the earliest purchases I made when getting into the hobby. I got it around the same time as I got Cockroach Poker. I kinda prefer the latter for it's simplicity.
    I'd be interested in reviews of those Ystari games… Bombay, I hadn't even heard of. And, well done getting a copy of Finca! That and Firenze are currently at the top of my hunt down list.😊

  7. You picked up some good ones there. Manila is under rated for sure. I am loving the new version of Ra, and Elysium is a nice puzzle. I'm surprised you didn't mention one of the famous designers of Nothing Personal which I still haven't tried. Nice haul!

  8. Nice haul! I'd like to try Saint Malo. Oh wo, Ra with Ian O'Toole artwork? I sold my Fantasy Flight copy, but I might be tempted to buy it again. I'm fond of Alhambra. For me, not one of my top games, but a nice design and an enjoyable game. On the light side.

  9. Looking forward to your thoughts on East India Companies and Cuba.

  10. Elysium is great. It would be great to get an expansion with more stuff.

  11. I’ve been curious about Alhambra. Would like to hear your thoughts after a few plays.

  12. Where did you pick up Finca? You mentioned they were selling it somewhere. At UKGE atm.

  13. Eagerly waiting to see Ra and The Number hitting the retail stores so that i can get the same in my collection. Looking forward to hear your views on both the games. Have checked Vaalbara and felt it a bit dry – Felt very basic game play without much twist and any wow factor.

  14. I spent all my money in the bring and buy, brought Mysterium, Watergate, Cacao(in shrink) and Glen More (which I later realised was in German print😅 doh!) first timers error

  15. Possibility in the future to timestamp your videos?

  16. Personally, I prefer seeing the reviews of the older, less talked about games. Bought a few games you have recommended. Thanks 👍

  17. You could have had my copy of Rossio. Was in the bring and buy for cheap and didn’t sell.

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