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Ultimate Card Game | Funny Episodes | Dennis and Gnasher

Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!
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Dennis has one simple aim in life – to have as much fun as possible – and that includes inventing new ways to thwart anyone who gets in his way! Dennis is an optimist at heart: he sees only the possibilities in every situation, never the consequences. Give him a pogo stick with rocket boosters and his sights are immediately set upon the moon!

Adults (and Walter, who wastes his precious time acting like one!) frustrate Dennis with their pointless view of life. His closest companion is Gnasher, his faithful Abyssinian wire-haired Tripehound. Once a stray, Gnasher adopted Dennis as his pet human in 1968, and they have been inseparable ever since. With his shock of black fur and teeth capable of gnashing rocks to rubble, Gnasher is Dennis’s ideal partner in crime.

Together, they are a miniature weather system: unpredictable, hard to control and highly likely to leave you soaked!

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